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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


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But some of those captions (following the link), they don't tell me what the photo is about!! And some of them are the same for different photos!! WTF. Not right - right?

Or not right? Or maybe I didn't get that long discussion about titles/captions/ - reading something about the photo in front of you.

Just my thoughts on this.

From you foto it looks like you could remove the lip. Is a scanner lens prefocused on the top of the glass ? or could you put a slightly larger piece of glass over the lip.

It certainly is a valuable initiative. 200,000 photos seems a lot, but not for ~5000 taggers. Volunteer!

Well, I do not think I'm participating, and that is for a reason...

Doing something gratis for a free (as in freedom, a-la wikipedia) project is one thing, doing it for a commercial body it another. It's essentially, freely (as in beer) helping someone else make more money...

I'm not against Magnum making more money, but commercial work should be payed and gratis work compensated, I would understand it they compensated by publishing the archive with a Creative Commons or Public Domain license, but as far as I know that's not happening any time soon.

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