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Thursday, 02 June 2011


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New Topographics,

Showing in The Rotterdam Photographic Museum from the 25 of June till the 11th of September (hmzzz, curious date was in a car, driving to Cologne when.....hmzzzz, yeps that day).

The original show with the addition of 4 Dutch photographers:

Frank van der Salm

Marie-José Jongerius

Theo Baart

and Hans Gremmen




A friend who worked as a maid for the Curry Co. in Yosemite during the 70's was constantly asked by guests if the Park Service turned off the falls at night, in order to save water.

On a related and unfortunately ironic note, did you read that even as California's state parks as more popular than ever (and people must pay for admission), one quarter will soon close because of California's budget woes and its politicians' myopia?

(I see you use "fulsome" as a younger person often does, to mean something positive, nearly opposite of how a baby boomer would have learned to use it.)

The waterfalls are gorgeous this year. Photo shot on May 6, 2011:


Yes, waterfalls are still slamming. Yes, ephemerals are flowing--and yes, no one has seen them before because they shift from year to year. John Muir went out after a rainstorm and stopped counting waterfalls when he reached 100.

Not all of the ephemerals get named, either. Even the more reliable ones.

This happens every year, folks. This year it's just going on longer, that's all.

Just past 6 years as a resident.

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