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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


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Quite frankly, if Voldemort is in your area, maybe you shouldn't mention that either. For your own safety.

Re your mouse not working: it could just be dementors. They've been active out here on the East Coast recently, according to reports from several friends, and I've some suspicions in that regard myself. I'm finding it unusually hard to gather up the strength to take the camera with me when I go out (which I almost always do), and that's a sure sign that something's awry.

Since you're getting a package from Japan, ask Fuji to toss in a new GF670W rangefinder for review. Only available in Japan at the moment...


>I think maybe Voldemort is in the area.

More likely a Dementor if it's freezing up electronic devices.

It all ends on July 15th.


I think the furies and muses are trying to whisper in your ear, "Mike, go get a cup of coffee, kick back with a good book, and enjoy the day." Surely they regret the means, but the end is worthwhile.


Richard and Clayton,
Dementors, that's probably it. Good call!


so, Mike, if it's really dementors, then your mouse need chocolate, not cheese... ;)

Make sure to run a geiger counter over that package.

Now I have Wiki'd Dementors I can hopefully keep up with this thread - lol

Solar Flares...

Given that I rarely comment in your blog, Mike, it would only fitting to comment right now. Presently I am pondering buying a small camera with large sensor 'cause even with Pentax, my gear is big and heavy (K-5 with grip and a lens), not to mention that as a dad I have to haul my daughter's camera (K-7 and a lens). Ricoh GXR with 50/2.5 macro module is certainly an option...

Your review is going to be met with anticipation...

Looks like you've been playing too much RPG-like games. That's what killed a couple of my mice. :)

I tried a GXR with the 50mm at a shop near Miami Beach earlier this year, and loved it. The video was not great, but everything else was amazing. The autofocus was as good as the EPL2, maybe better. The image quality looked similar to the Nikon D3100. Maybe better.

I asked them if Ricoh offered a "camcorder" attachment. I told them that if I could pop off the 50mm ASPC and put on a 1/2.33 that offered autofocus during video, then I would go ahead and break the piggy bank and get one.

They were honest enough to say that the video on the small sensor was just as bad, and that autofocus during video did not seem to be a high priority for Ricoh.

Since then, Ricoh has introduced all sorts of other attachments for the GXR. Printers, projectors, shavers, bottle openers, whatever. But no autofocus during video.

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