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Thursday, 09 June 2011


RE: Leica M: Advanced Photo School, Lark (Pixiq) edition

Ahhhh. Now I understand. Glad I sold mine when I did. I can now buy several of these.


About books on Leica - what about Erwin Put's Leica Compendium? I know the new edition is sold out (2011 self published) and not available from online vendors, but it is the most comprehensive historical & technical tome on the Leica - period. Yes, there are some typos and the translation from the Dutch is not perfect, but the information content is amazing and relevant.

My granddad was a bookbinder and he called books like that oversised magazines.......strange that a quality brand should suffer that fait. Eh, I was wondering, is there also a "Leica M, 101 Photo School" photobook. I know a lot of overly wealthy Leica owners, who wouldn't know aperture from wel.....figure that out yourself Mike :-). Not that I envy them....nah, me don't do that. More pitty sometimes, I saw a picture of mrs. Posh Spice Beckham totin a Leica with the lens cap on it......now that is something Mr. Osterloh should mention in the first chapter......paragraph "rangefinder camera's versus SLR's" :-).


Greetings, Ed

In defence of Posh, Eric Clapton and Jack Nicholson did the same.....Audrey Tattoo optet for a free training exercise in Venice (sponsored by Chanel) and I don't know about Seal (he's seams to be doing alright with his Ti M9) and Scarlet Johanssen who shoot M6 (nah, she's smart enough, I guess).

Whoops, that was not Jack......sorry, Mr. Nicholson I mean.

Greetings, Ed

"*A "perfect" binding—the word perfect should always be placed in sardonic quotation marks—refers to a stack of loose pages with adhesive slathered hopefully along one edge to create the alleged binding. The worse and more porous the paper, and the stiffer, more inflexible, and more unyielding the carapace of glue, the better this "works." It is possibly the least perfect kind of binding there is—hence the name."

As the blurb often puts it, "This book divides naturally into three parts ..."


Touching the void is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen - a must watch.
"Brown girl in the rain" will never sound the same again.

John Hunt's "ascent of Everest" is a good read, as is Mamish McInnes' "Climb to the lost world" Mt Roraima - not somwhere to take a non-weatherproof camera!

all the best phil

I have a Hove copy of the Osterloh book. I got it in 1987 for $49.95 when it first came out, and I was cutting my teeth with an M4. Any idea what the book is worth now (not that I'm going to sell it, you understand)?

Tried to get this the other day and it was still out of stock. Will have to try again soon.

My first and only interaction with Mr.Briot
was around 2001-2002. It was a direct contact with is marketing. He and his significant other were selling superb prints of his work on the porch at "El Tovar" in the grand canyon. Very appealing approach to all of the tourists with cameras who were quite aware that his stuff was better than theirs!

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