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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


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Really hoping it's something great from Olympus M4/3, with a nice high quality prime lens......

uR killin' me.

M. Proprietor prohibits perfidious pundits' photographic prognostication, pleads pious procrastination?

It must be the new Leica M9-P. Oh wait no that can't be it - you said not just a warm-over. Near as I can tell, it's not even really a warm-over they just removed some logos. But "The Essence of Discretion" will cost a couple hundred more I'm sure.

Not that I'm bitter that I can't afford one.

Oh wait, on Tuesday it's like a Parisian press presentation promoting photographic paraphernalia possessing P postfix.

That would be penultimate to Wednesday's Pea from a different pod.

Interesting. Consider my curiosity piqued.

I think I know what it is . . . A new Holga for 10"x8" film! Something about the lomographical joys of contact printing - no enlarger needed?

I am dying for a Pentax mirrorless system (with AF K-mount adaptor of course). Fingers crossed... Does that count as all new?

Nikon SP-D

Its a Nikon 16mp digital rangefinder that uses SLR Nikkors! $1200. :-)

Samsung MF?

Archie Bunker? Wasn't he the photographer who made the salivation army famous many years ago?

Mike, Mike, Mike.... is this what you've become?

Hey,sapphire protection of a tiny low resolution M9 screen is a breakthrough. Someday they'll have a screen where I can read the histogram. And maybe even an accurate viewfinder. Oh... Leica says it's not important.

No, you're all wrong. Its a Toyo 45A with auto focus and a motorized 4x5 roll film back.

It will be a house-manufactured camera sold exclusively through TOP: an 8x10 digital field camera made with a pinhole lens and a flatbed scanner.

All proceeds will go towards a Panasonic 25mm 1.4 for Mike's GF1.

I agree with Jamie.

It is so obviously a cheap digital Holga, or Dolga.

A new Kodak easyshare, perhaps?

Could it be this Pen Mini?

Ah, an all-new system? In that case it cannot possibly be a good thing for me; I'm heavily invested in one system (Nikon), have a few things in another (Micro Four Thirds), and need a third system like a need a second head.

Hmm; come to that, a second head could be handy sometimes.

"Spoilers in Comments won't be posted..."

Can we assume that any guesses published here are therefore automatically wrong? And can we narrow it down more?

I'll guess Nikon or Canon medium format system to compete with the 645D, S2, and digital back systems.

Great. Now I have to set my clock for night time too!

Cool... I think that I still have another hole in my head to fill !

Don't get too excited eh.

The way things have been trending in the new-photo-gear-retail world, whatever "they" announce will be "temporarily unavailable"...for the foreseeable future!


Cheers! Jay

I might be way off base here, but my first thought was that this might be related to Ctein's tablet-based view camera idea. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

@David Bostedo: *Excellent* deduction. And you'll notice very few guesses were published, meaning everybody guessed *right*.

Nahhhh, you're all wrong. It's the long rumored Nikon mirrorless system. Slightly smaller sensor than M4/3. New lens mount, of course. And three new lenses.

It's hard to describe how surprising and intriguing it is to find this post on TOP.

Must be a camera from Asia considering the timing of Mike's announcement. (Wed. 11 CST). That should narrow it down aye?

A totally new system and Mike's ties with Pentax. I suspect it's the new non K mount Pentax mimi SLR. Unlike a mirrorless camera, an SLR will have the same lightning fast AF and optical finder as their bigger brothers and the super fast optics available to smaller sensor would offset any high iso disadvantage in a small sensor.

iPhone 5 with lenses and accessories? Or maybe the long-rumored small-sensor Pentax or Nikon mirrorless? Can't wait, whatever it may be.

A hundred year screen protecting two year old technology.....?!?!?

I won't comment today also,but...hey, they put a D3s sensor into F3, and you can still use film! Yes hybrid. Oh well.

Ahhrghh must resist whatever it is. Or relinquish wife. Hmmmm....

Of course somebody who really wanted to know could go to a well-known web site that traffics in photographic rumors and see what they have to say about it. But reading the speculation here is ever so much more fun.

I think it's going to be the new Digital Polaroid. It will come complete with a slow lens and sonar-based AF. Instead of a memory card or on-board storage, it will print out your pictures using an on-board color printer.

I think Tim F is close.

It will be the new 'Mika' system (Mike's Kamera) or MIKA (as Rockwell would write) and I expect it will be the quite unlike a Leica (or the LEICA). It will be large format and film based. . .

Please tell me it's a digital Canon full-frame rangefinder or a Contax.

Is it the Lytro?

Sony has been awfully quiet lately...

Its a digital Brownie. You will take 100 photos and mail it to Rochester for printing. And the Great Yellow Father will mail it back to you ready to go for another 100 photos.
And next year they will find a way to allow you to remove the memory card to take it to your neighbourhood Fotomat!

But wait, the all-new camera system is the mirrorless Leica they just announced for preview in 2012. This has nothing to do with the Leica M9P that is already being produced.

I think two different press releases got combined here!


be assured I'll be tuning in tonight. I presume it is worth it since it is coming from you. Mind you, I presumed that the Leica/Magnum thing was worth it too...

At least it is all fun! Thank you for the thrill.

Oh DAMN! Another bloody Leica - and I don't mean the M9P thingy.

Moderator's Note: About 40 comments in this thread guessed that this post was referring to the Lytro plenoptic light-field camera discussed in the article in the NYT Business Section today. That isn't what this post is referring to, and I wrote a new post about the Lytro this morning, so I decided not to publish all those repetitive comments.

Mike the Ed.

'The Leica M9-P ... turns out to be a total non-event. It has a "sapphire glass" LCD cover, no red dot, and is available in silver.'

In other news, the Pentax K-5 Silver had a 'sapphire glass' LCD, no red dot and was available in silver...

Perhaps a funky looking little camera that intends to capitalize on the X100 craze - but missing wide-right by a mile by offering some funky sensor dimension, and being easily compatible with neither the m4/3 system nor one of the APS-C systems.

A cute, sad, little thing that won't live up to it's parents' expectations.

Only from the mind of...

Minolta is back!

Gotta be the olympus e-p3!!!

Like 11pm on the dot? I'm sitting in my car, next to the library.

Yup, 11 p.m. on the dot.



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