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Tuesday, 07 June 2011


I think I feel a little faint...I may have read most of them.


I'm going to be in this corner over here, having a little conference with my self about how I feel about this.


you are not yet calculating the key statistic. The "goodness" quotient of those 78,000 comments (well, less mine, which were only ever ordinary).

Adrift in the blogosphere, "good" comments help the site stand out beyond the quality of the original posts which draw people in..

And your "parish" analogy works very well. TOP is a global village, in a good sense. I can't really come up with a Google search term for discovering little-known but honourable mayors in the USA (Michael Bloomberg, Richard Daly and Rudi Giuliani keep cropping up, which are not what I mean), but as the Mayor of TOP, you are doing a great job.

Congratulations-wish you many more years of success!

Congrats TOP! I was excited when I hit 100 posts on my blog... now i'm ashamed :)

Oh, no, I think you should be very proud of 100 posts. You've made it farther than 99% of all bloggers already. And I'm in a good position to know just how much work 100 posts is.


Of all the many sites that occupy my "favourites" list, TOP is the only one I check in on daily, always with the same sense of anticipation.

To be both informative and provocative, but at the same time engaging and inclusive, is a masterful feat of editorial journalism.

Thanks Mike. Here's to the next 4,000 posts. I just hope the shackles don't chafe too much in the process ;)

Naw. If I didn't genuinely enjoy it, I'd never have gotten this far.


Congratulations !
Behind all those posts and replies there are so many more readers from all over the world who manage to find interesting all those rumblings and mumblings about photography (but jazz too, as cars, weather, bicycles, and many other weird subjects) !

I just hope for our selfish pleasure that this is just the first cycle of T.O.P. and that you'll manage to bring to the masses more high level content in this perfunctory media...

I would have guessed a lot more comments. maybe you should run a sweep of the spam count compared to the legit comments. Hmm, let's see...78 000 comments, I'm guessing 220 000 spams filtered.

Well, this made me head back to my site to see how many posts I've made on my blog (almost two years old), and I've got 104. I'd say that the same feeling washed over me, Sean (shame), but it is the way that I communicate with family and friends...

Congrats Mike. Love the site. Unfortunately for me, you got me hooked on sushi... :D



So, only 50 posts to go to a big round 4,000. Wow. Congratulations. Perhaps only a few other blogs surpass that number over the same period.

But, more than the quantity, TOP stands out for your writing style and insights, rare qualities these days, and for the diversity of your coverage. Aided by your guest contributors and the involvement of your readership, TOP is, by far, the most interesting and balanced web-magazine I know of, the one that rewards the daily visit. You've certainly expanded my appreciation of photography. Thank you.

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