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Friday, 06 May 2011


James Fallows: Greatest Front Page Ever

At: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2011/05/greatest-front-page-ever/238488/

Direct to image: http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/jamesfallows/assets_c/2011/05/292500378-thumb-560x693-50164.jpg

Having lived in China for a few years, I'm struck silent with both exhilaration and dread. Thanks for posting this one, Mike.

Actually, checking the pictures again, I can add I've lived downstream from this (in Nanjing, also on the Changjiang or Yangtze) for about a year. It's a strange thing, China does to a man, so garish, so foul, and yet I yearn for it so.

As we have the ruin porn trend now, it seems we also have a platoon of large-format-chinese-landscape-photographers. Tons of them.
Nice photo anyway. I think it depicts the same situation we have here in Buenos Aires, since gambling is forbidden in the territory, they put floating casinos. Clever guys

Yes, a totally whimsical fairy tale floating in a magical snow globe surrounded by impending doom. A lighthearted Blade Runner.

And his other work ain't chopped liver either- Incredible stuff!

Sorry, Mike, but I tried to view his website twice and gave up both times after it hijacked my browser window, resized it, and then sat there twiddling its thumbs and doing nothing.

Amazing front photo. Once one digs inside though, the photographer's grim single-mindedness in showing similar scenes of blighted foreground fronting a distant smog-shrouded cityscape becomes repetitive. I understand thematic consistency, but when the page landed on one of the more tightly framed images containing elements of saturated color, I felt relief.


Great comment. I have felt the siren call as well; 12 years ago my wife and I were in Kunming; I felt I could just disappear into the country; not sure how to say it, but your comment brought back the very powerful allure.


Great shots, thanx Mike, my list of tags just got one tag longer. Ferit knows what he's doing, went to see Struth's China pictures the other week. Maybe.......these are even better. More poetic, softer, and more mysterious.....more a menace to society even?

Looking at the glow of the restaurant boats, I realize where the inspiration come from for the boats from which all the spirits decamp for R&R at the otherworldly amusement park in Miyashi's "Spirited Away."


Yep, but it is heavily distorted.

If there's one thing I hate, then it's a photography website that resizes my browser window without asking me. I'll make sure to not go there again, no matter how nice the photos might be.

Whoa, featured comment first! Thanks mate. The most frightening part is how Chongqing has almost unnoticed turned into one of the world's biggest metropolises. And you can travel the stunning Yangtze from Wuhan or wherever passing the three gorges and stunning beauty, but never see more than the inside of the gambling rooms if you want. Here's a shot if you'll permit the link.
And just saw in the news that boats are getting stuck on the river due to drought.

Reminds me of a amusement park they had here in Kansas City.

Not sure what a nonymous post is doing here.

I love this shot. The combination of the sky light, water reflections, boats, and the ugly foreground is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing this. The fellow's website is SLOW, but worth the wait.

One of Ferit's best pieces! His work is available for purchase at our gallery, Bau-Xi Photo, or for viewing if you live in the Toronto, Canada area. Please contact us if you have any questions about Ferit Kuyas' work or background. Thanks for the feature!

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