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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


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The TOP readership breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Here's to a full and speedyl recovery.

Hope she recovers super soon.
Best wishes


First night is the worst usually cause the anesthesia but dogs usually heal more fast than humans. More love for Lulu and all your family from Argentine. Saludos

Watch for problems when she starts to itch during the healing process. I had a dog go through that sort of surgery and he tore out all the stitches to try and stop the itching. If she starts to bite at the wound you may have to get an Elizabethan collar (THE CONE) for her to keep her from being able to reach the wound. The plus to my experience was that as Ace's nurse during the healing he and I became totally bonded like no dog I had before or since.

I took my dog Tulip out for an extra walk this evening in solidarity with Lulu and her benevolent owners. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.
Many tail wags from Tulip.

Congrats...glad the family is back on track.

Thoughts and prayers to Lulu and her family. Bless you Mike for being such a good daddy & friend to the girl. :0)

Get some sleep, Mike.
If you have to skip a day here, most of us will probably understand.
Maybe. :-)

All the best to Lulu and of course her distraught dad. Are we going to have to hold a special print offer to cover the vet bills?

Very good to hear! Our own dog has had two tumors removed. One was huge and required a huge incision and tubes to let fluid drain, and then the other could not be fully closed thus requiring extra time and care to fully heal. I felt terrible, but she fully recovered in both cases and is great today. She weighs around 70 lbs and in the latter case I had to carry her in and out everyday for a couple of weeks.

Like us, they are resilient. Hope Lulu gets better soon!

But, yes, get the lamp shade if you need to!

Get well soon, Lulu, so Mike can get some rest! My Lab, Otto, had this operation some years ago and made a good recovery. Trouble is he got so used to me rushing to his side whenever he whimpered that for years afterwards he would fake a pain whimper in the middle of the night just to see whether I still cared. Dogs rule!


Show her this to keep her amused:


Dogs are very strong, wonderful creatures (I'd be a mess if my Lab required major surgery). I'm really glad the surgery was successful. Praying for a speedy recovery for her (and you too).

That's so funny...thanks for the good laugh.


Thinking of you and Lulu. Glad to hear her surgery went well. My husband and I just got our first puppy two months ago and I've been freaking out at every sniffle and whine she makes so I can only imagine the stress I would be feeling if she needed surgery. She's lucky to have you. Stay strong, she's a fighter, she'll be back to normal (or even better it seems) in no time. :)


I don't want to offend anyone, and I sympathise with Mike and his feelings for Lulu, but does anyone else find the outpouring of emotion here rather odd, for a dog nobody else knows, and for an owner that most people (I guess) do not know personally either. How much outpouring of sympathy is being shown for human beings who suffer and die every day, and who nobody knows either?

I think we show a lot of sympathy for human beings here. There was a great deal of discussion about the situation in Haiti after Peter's essay appeared, and we have just been discussing privacy issues as related to street photography. You don't have to dig very deep on TOP to find concern for humans.

Pets are important to people who have them. Other pet owners understand, sympathize, and identify; those who do not have relationships with animals might not. C'est la vie.


Mike - I wasn't talking about any bias in TOP - I agree, the coverage is generously even-handed. More it was just people's attitude in general when it comes to balancing sympathies. I have been distressed by the loss of a pet myself, so I understand that - but it's nothing compared with what I feel when an unknown parent has to grieve for their child lost in one of the many unfortunate conflicts throughout the world. I was wondering how often people express their sympathies for these unfortunates.


best wishes to Lulu for her recovery, and to your bank balance. In my labrador's last month, I spent more on vet's fees than my monthly mortgage, and do you know, I'd have paid ten times more with gladness if it meant I had some extra time with her.

Lulu seems a young dog, and she's a terrier, who live longer than softy dogs like labradors. May you both collapse together of great old age, and a long time into the future. It saves some of the grieving that way.

Happy everything went well, she'll recover very soon and be back in her usual spirits. The whole story speaks very highly of you, Zander, Gabi, and Lulu.
I do not think that humans make animals any better than what they already are, but am absolutely positive that animals make humans much more human.
Very best wishes.

Speedy recovery Lulu.

I normally don't post these things but I had seen the video Ann posted and was also reminded of this one.


If this doesn't make a dog lover smile and laugh I dunno what would.

Re Ann Peterson, my sister once had a black lab that learned that whining trick without any need for surgery. I think it may be innate.

Richard, yes, it's odd. It would be odd even if we were talking about a specific person whom none of us knew. What's even odder is that we can get upset about people who we know never even existed: fictional characters. It seems to be a fact about human beings that we can empathize in this very abstract way. That can be a destructive thing when it leads to sentimentality, but it can be a good thing too.

Best wishes to the Johnston household.

Mike -

May Lulu, that good dog, heal quickly. Give her a snout rub for me.


Compassionate humans have compassion for all living creatures and do not place boundaries around that compassion. Compassion for a beloved pet in no way indicates lack of same for human beings in pain & distress. Indeed, it indicates a heightened awareness for distress in fellow humans and the subsequent caring that is rendered by providing help, money and attention to those needs.

And, a brief message from Jacey the Katt to Lulu -- "meowy lulululu purrrr mrp mrrppp".

Something else for Lulu to browse for a chuckle or two (in addition to M3photo's hilarious video).


Dear Richard,

One of the magical aspects of writing is that readers DO feel a personal connection with the author.

Sometimes that connection is correct, sometimes its illusion, sometimes it's just plain erroneous. Nonetheless readers feel it.

The people who regularly read TOP feel they personally know Mike. Whether they really do isn't important, it's how they feel.

pax / Ctein


Our thoughts and prayers (as well as those of our basset hound Libby) are with you.

Lane Family (whoof)

Great news Mike.

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