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Friday, 20 May 2011


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Futuro? Then why are his iPhone photos mimicking both lith printing and cross-processing?

It seems like analogue is the new digital.

Way back on March 20th. Mike opined:

"Although they give me more to think about than the ubiquitous scenics that bore me out of my mind."

Moose responded:

"Ah well, different strokes . . . Much as I enjoy TOP, one of the mysteries to me is how you can recommend so many photographers in "Random Excellence" who present endless pictures of ordinary people doing ordinary things and ordinary buildings in ordinary places.

How anyone can prefer yet another picture of some kids walking down a sidewalk on the street of another '60s suburb, one pushing a bicycle, to yet another picture of beautiful trees hanging over a body of water, in some state of serenity or agitation, is beyond me. /;^>"

Mike responded in turn:

"Huh? Sure you're thinking of this site? I went through the three most recent pages of the "Random Excellence" category and I have no idea what picture or pictures you're talking about."

Moose, lazy, but patient, waited, knowing more were on the way.

Let me be clear, I'm talking about individual taste, not any judgment of good and bad. I think it's wonderful that Mr. Krieger makes images that make you happy. They do for me what you say scenics do for you, "bore me out of my mind."

Your second feature, Joshua Brown's book Italy, supports your view as well, taking all conventional technical qualities away from what could have been quality travel and people snapshots and beautiful landscapes. The images in that form just don't engage me.

BTW, we mostly agree about Cindy Sherman, although at least she tends to engage me, even if my response is most often negative.

I've been spending many hours processing images from a trip to Yosemite, the majority scenics, although I like to think a few go beyond that. I'll be doing more - they just make me happy.

Just sayin'

Three cheers to Herman!

Josh and Beth could have used an Art Director, but I love the spirit of the book even if it is a bit of a train wreck.

I was delighted browsing Herman's site. So many beautiful photographs in one place. I would like to have a book with his wonderful photographs in my library.

"Junction City Junction," according to Krieger's site, was shot with a Bessa 6x7, not the Fuji GF670 as stated. Not that it matters much to me... thanks for featuring the work.

scott (I take it you're not my younger brother, whose name is also Scott Johnston!),
I checked with Herman and he has the Fuji version. The Bessa 667 is the Voigtlaender-branded version, but is the same camera.


Thanks for the heads up. I really liked the Junction City series even if it's not everyones favorite. That new Fuji folder really interests me. The X100, not so much. If a rich uncle offered to buy me just one I wouldn't even have to think about it.

My wife programs an art gallery and it was my pleasure to show her Herman's work and for her to book a show! I got to see Herman's photos in a gallery here in Northern Ireland. Very handy having this facility, lots of good work has been exhibited on my ,erm, recommendation.

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