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Thursday, 26 May 2011


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From your lips to GODs ears, I never got a copy of Caponigro's "The Wise Silence" my best friend has one and every time I'm at his house I get lost in it. Eggleston never spoke to me.

I will be first in line for a reprint of The Wise Silence. Like Minor White and Wynn Bullock, Paul Caponigro's work has not been well represented in print, particularly considering his artistic importance. His only recent books I'm aware of were New England Days (Godine) and Meditations in Silver (Nazraeli), both exquisite little gems that are already out of print.

Paul's son, Artist/photographer John Paul Caponigro, has dryly noted that his father apparently isn't "dead enough yet" to be appreciated.

Good reminder. Hadn't looked at my Caponigro book in quite a while. I had forgotten it was signed by him; not bad for my $75.

Forgotten, too, was a letter from Paul that I placed in the book regarding his Portfolio II. The portfolio included all original photographs, priced at $850 total, but the first 50 copies available first come, first serve for $385. I didn't jump on it. Ah, those were the days.

Forgot to mention that the first edition lists The Stinehour Press for the following: "Set in Monotype Centaur; Letterpress Printing; and, Bound by." Separations and duotone printing were done by "The Meriden Gravure Company." Paper, by the way, was "Mohawk Superfine."

There is also a slipcased version available (on backorder):

If there's anything I love, it's free shipping and not having to worry about adding local VAT to my purchase. I wasn't aware of the Book Depository before, but I'll be sure to check it when searching for books now.

Important detail: I followed your link to "For Now", but as soon as I go to a different page on the Book Depository site, I see no referral information in the URL. Do you still get referral if I'd buy a different book after following your link, or do you have some special affiliate link to the Book Depository, so that you can get your affiliate share should I fancy buying a book you haven't linked to?

Images, sequence, and design are beautiful, but what do you think of the printing/paper in Wise Silence ? I thought that they are quite soft, and don't reproduce prints (at least the few I've seen) very well.

"Do you still get referral if I'd buy a different book after following your link"

Yup. I think your browser has to accept cookies for that to happen, though. Most peoples' do, though, so that's not a big issue.


I just ordered For Now from The Book Depository. It is a bit confusing, if you type "Eggleston For Now" into the search field, you get two results: "William Eggleston", and "Eggleston For Now", the latter suggested at € 245.72. But if you click on the first title-less "William Eggleston", you get "Eggleston For Now". I ordered a minute ago, and since then the price has risen from € 36 to € 46. I guess it's best to hurry! I only hope I really get the book, I tried to order it from them about 2 weeks ago and the order was cancelled.

"There is also a slipcased version available (on backorder)"

That seems peculiar. How in the world could an edition limited to 350 signed copies be "backordered"? The only thing I can think of is that they've sent a bunch of books to Eggleston for his signature and he hasn't returned them. It seems implausible that they'd print only part of a 350-book run and then have to backorder the rest of the run.


thank you for the great work. Book depository is a very good idea or let me say it works very well for me. I order all by books from Them. From now on i will be ordering through your link.

The whole issue about eggleston´s For now is totally confusing to me. They have a limited edition within a limited edtion, and a second edition an sale while the first edition is still available at the publisher´s. I thought second editions are only published when the first edition is out of stock?

The limited edition is still available on Amazon.de for € 43,95.

1 of 3000 is on it's way back to Amazon. Not because I didn't like the book; loved it! But because the einstein at packaging decided to throw it in an oversized box without securing it.. One corner was bumped so bad that the damage was visible on every page... I asked for a new one but am afraid about its faith. It seems standard practice to ship books over a certain size this way.
I wonder how the Book Depository packiging is...

Kind regards from an annoyed reader.

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