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Monday, 16 May 2011


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I'm always amused that Taschen gets his oversize volumes like Helmut Newton's Sumo bound by the Vatican.
(there is probably an excellent pun involving the Vatican's bindery's "catholic tastes" regarding "bondage" in there but I'll restrain myself)

I would also recommend The Book of 101 Books (http://tinyurl.com/3pu2l4h), which, alas, is out of print and insanely expensive, but which has some fantastic stuff in it. As the title suggests, it's about photobooks, rather than photographers as such, but it's a interesting document of 20th century photography.

A sore spot with me--a book I really wanted and should have bought, but didn't, alas.


Looks like a great book... and surprisingly affordable too.

Whoops: sorry. If it's any consolation, there are several photography and art books I've written -- and in the last decade, no less -- that I can't afford to buy. (Not, I hasten to say, because my own contribution made the thing so valuable.) Usually, the publisher gives me five or six copies (though in the case of one deluxe Taschen book I only got one); I keep one and give the rest away as presents; and then I find that my own copy is getting beat up, or I spill coffee on it, and...I can't afford to replace it.

I agree about Taschen they do put out some good books:
for example a small soft cover edition of some of Edward S. Curtis' photos of native americans

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