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Friday, 15 April 2011


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Thanks, Mike. I immediately placed an order - it seems that I am among the lucky ones.

Now enjoy your holidays!

Oh yes, and I should add that Amazon will pack it more carefully than it did with my August Sander - I had to get it exchanged due to transport damages.

I clicked through to your Amazon link within ten seconds of reading this. I didn't miss it this time!

Thanks very much, Mike.

This is not a jab at Amazon, only an observation about the truth of the saying "strike while the iron is hot".

Earlier this year I ordered a copy of America By Car as a gift for my son.

I think it was about thirty bucks. Amazon back ordered it and yesterday sent me a message that they were cancelling the order unless I instructed them to "purchase a different version of the original item".

It went on to say "Differences between your original item and our recommendations are typically minor but some things, such as the item's cost, may be different."

When I clikced on the link the Amazon price was $361.96 which is a tad more than I had anticipated. Checking the other resellers on the page the price varied from $84 to $795. It was $395 at Barnes & Noble.

My son will have to check it out of the library and fortunately his school has a copy.

The lesson here is if you snooze you lose.

I've just ordered mine at Amazon.ca. 187.65 CAN$. A deal! ;-)


I just met Bruce last Friday at San Diego MOPA for the Streetwise: Masters of 60's Street Photography exhibit. I guess I expected him to be the grizzled old photojournalist cliché we hear about so often. Not the case. He is genial and talked at considerable length about East 100th Street and what those pictured are doing now. As he was describing his shooting style I couldn't help but to think he is kind of the anti-Bruce Gilden in how he works. He also briefly mentioned working with Steidl on the 2nd edition of Outside Inside. I suppose I could have mentioned this bit last Friday but life has a way of getting in the way.

If you missed this opportunity and are really, really jonesing for this set you can find several on eBay ranging (as I write) from $240 to $795.

You can also buy it direct from Steidlville, although it's much more expensive, and I'm guessing shipping to the U.S. would be pretty pricey.

Amazon will very likely be getting more. I'll try to keep updates coming on this....


Friday April 15 4:54 PM. Not any more.

I signed onto TOP every day, betting myself $1 million that you couldn't stay away for an entire week. I won. I hardly know what to do with the money.

@ Mike Plews:

FYI, the $361.96 version of America by Car you're referring to is the larger, limited-edition version, not the regular version. It's also quite nice -- I saw a copy of it at Photo LA back in January -- but it's obviously quite a bit more costly.

"I hardly know what to do with the money."

You could pay my taxes....

--Impoverished Mike who didn't pay quarterly like he was supposed to

Thanks Jeffrey


if ever you feel the need to make some more money from TOP to complicate your tax matters further, I can give you a free data point. This particular reader will happily pay $10 a month to subscribe, but I need some way of paying that is not Paypal, as my bank refuse to deal with them (I have no idea why, other than the fact that the bank is small, but old fashioned in a non-leveraged and sustainable manner).

"I hardly know what to do with the money."

Wait, that money is already spoken for, remember? Nobody likes a welcher. Pay the winner while you still have the cash. You'll thank yourself for it, later...

Thanks Mike for your timely posts while on Vaycay...ordered my copy and got a shipping notice from amazon yesterday...tres cool! Love what you do ...your site is my first stop each and every day....I will have to share it with my classmates at in the Professional Program at the Washington (DC) School of Photography!

Well, to insure that Amazon Japan sells its final remaining copy, it's ¥21,042 ($253) and as usual for Amazon, not available to overseas customers. There are a few used and 7 new from other dealers listed. This was published June of 2010.


Amazon Canada has it listed for $187.65cdn as of April 17th.

Mike, I received my copy of Outside Inside last evening. I cannot locate, front or back, anywhere it indicates second edition or second printing. The last page of each volume indicates ©2009 Bruce Davidson for the images and text as well as Steidl for the printing. "First edition published in 2009" is the only other relevant text that I see. Do you think these are leftovers from the first printing? Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for publicizing that this was once again available. I was kicking myself for putting off buying it the first time.

I've just ordered mine at Amazon.com

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