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Friday, 08 April 2011


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a couple of years ago, you could have parlayed such renown into achieving top price - certainly the $100s of millions - for TOP in a leveraged buyout by some mega-corporation desperate to buy into Web 2.0 and the nexus of smart blogging, art and image rights.

I'm rather glad you didn't, and that my subscription to TOP remains affordable.

Which reminds me: next time you have a print sale, is it possible to include "something" at the $100 or slightly less mark? I'm juggling "desire to actively contribute" against "sticker shock". I cannot contribute directly as the small British bank which holds my meagre funds doesn't deal with Paypal.

Best wishes with your taxes. I am currently redoing mine for the last year, as the heartless brute that is the taxman has disagreed with my earlier assessment of how I split my heat/fuel/light between domestic use and home-office deductibles. We're about £370 different in our views, which seems to me to be the sort of nugatory level at which the taxman should be going out and chasing real evaders.

A friend alerted me to this. When I first saw the image I had to have it even though it violates my "principals of collection". Now I'll have to buy the book. Thanks for the heads up.

Before I hit 90 and become an active player on nursing home scene I'd like to have one photo published. Just one would make it all worthwhile. Congrats Gordon.

What does it say about why that particular photograph 'works'?

Thanks for the props, Mike. By coincidence I've recently taken possession of a Pentax K-5, the able successor to the K-7. Will lightning strike twice in the same spot? Will I produce another photograph as striking as "Precipitation" (a.k.a. "The Umbrella Lady")? I'll keep you posted.

"What does it say about why that particular photograph 'works'?"

I think you should buy the book and find out! It's a very good book - well worth the money.

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