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Thursday, 21 April 2011


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Mike- Yes, NYC is a wonderful -for many reasons. However for a first time midwestern person visit, I would suggest first a trip to Chicago. Chicago -while smaller and not offering as many opportunites - is a fine starting place. Walkable,open with fine exhibits, buildings, and interesting people. Start small and then move on to the NY's,Paris and London's of our world.

My "lottery daydream" would be to move TOP to Central Park West.

I thought your lottery daydream was being Roy Stryker?

So apparently you're planning to be Roy Stryker in Central Park West!

Just reminding you that people actually listen to what you say :-)

I'm just off Central Park West and let me tell you Seville sounds pretty nice right about now. We may not have snow but the mercury seems to be stuck and unable to rise, as is the barometer. Today, finally it's not rainy and the sun has been out a lot, but it's windy and we haven't broken 60°F.

My wife and I wanted to get married in New York. We ended up getting hitched in Old York as it's 70 miles from us and saved me having to go down to the American embassy in London to persuade them to let me over.

I really needed to win the lottery when I was 17

Just to make you feel a little bit better (or not!) it's raining heavyly in Seville. Plenty of procesiones won't be parading. It usually happens when the Holy Week is so late in the year.

Peter Turnley and his students will have to practice their skills on the wet.

I like NYC so much and love to photograph there, that I rented an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The 10 are indeed lucky to be in Sevilla this week: Semana Santa followed by Feria!

Most of my memories of Seville involve a bottle of caramel vodka and spending two days in bed recovering from it.

Personally, I despise New York. There's something about it that takes everything from me, and who I would like to be. But New York is wonderful for it.

And, as you've seen, I make my very best street photographs in New York despite how much the place just crushes me.

I would love to, but even $1300 is too rich for my blood. As is everything else in New York.

Ah, I thought that looked like Mr Turnley a while back in Juan's photoblog ( http://photoblog.jbuhler.com/index.php?showimage=1719 ).

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