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Friday, 08 April 2011


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Dear god why do people think these sorts of websites are cool, neat, fun, interactive...it killed me and I stopped looking..call me impatient. Shame there were a few interesting images that flashed by..Just that, the website itself was a waste precious electricity.

Call Mitch, hit him with a fish..time for a new website.

Yeah, I actually had to click through every image a third time when I was writing the post because I forgot the name "Old Sparky" and had to go find it again. That got old fast.

It's slick but not simple; I'd say the best sites are slick *and* simple. It's still worth it to see the pics, IMO.


Overly 'cutesy' website that soon irritated me to the point that I quit looking.

Sites like that show off the cleverness and skills of the site programmer at the expense of the content. I exited very quickly (3 pictures was enough of the spinning & churning for me. A website that is about anything other than a coder showing off his skills should give the viewer simple and obvious access to the content. It should not make you feel like you fell down a rabbit hole.

I love Mitch's concept and content behind this project and have tried in the past to get through it. One must be very patient in order to be rewarded.

Overly caffeinated sites like this make no sense to me. Especially after as much coffee as I have had this morning!

I think I need an hour of yoga and some herbal tea to negotiate it.

That said it is really great stuff IMO.

The photos are good, but my hat is off to the web designer. That is possibly the most annoying web site I've ever seen.

The flash effects are so slow, it really makes it a pain to look at. There are some good photos there, though.

I agree with the other comments -- some really nice photos, the web site actually made my eyes hurt.

Eeeeek! My eyes hurt! But I had to check after all the previous comments. :) BTW, the photos are distorted.

Hear, hear!! You would have to be a serious masochist to survive more than half a dozen images let alone inflicting that website on yourself TWICE(!!!!????). Too bad, the images are very interesting.

The website is annoying but the images are worth the effort, and so is reading the backstory.

love the pics. HATE the web site.

This kind of discussion of power in the USA has been going on for 40 years. And nothing has changed. I know it's not in his ability to make a culture turn by making one photo essay. I do wonder why he wasn't doing this 40, 30, 20 years ago. Now it feels like a classic 'closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out' situation. Maybe I don't understand how ill-informed most people are about energy issues, so miss how this could be educational rather than simply reinforcing?

I do question, as so often, using sites of social conflict and turmoil to make pretty pictures.

And yes, the web site is horrific.

I ended up liking the site; it helps that the photographs are so strong. Loved the essay.

My iPad says no. The site is far too Flash for it.

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