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Monday, 04 April 2011


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I was on Amazon over the weekend and Why Photographs Work came up as a recommendation. It looked good so I ordered a copy. As you mentioned the "What and How To" questions are important to me.

Have you seen *the post* here on TOP?

The author chose the portrait of Mrs. Nishimoto at 90 by Per Volquartz to include in the book. As one who has worked with the likes of Ansel Adams and Morely Baer, it would be nice to see more of Per Volquartz's work. Per is a genuinely warm individual and exceptional photographer and printer.

I have no opinion worth sharing on this book, having only browsed it.

You may recall a series of essays Barr wrote at Luminous Landscape a few years ago offering some armchair tips on how to improve your photography which he ultimately published as a book. ("How to Take Your Photography to the Next Level") I don't know if any of those essays remain online at LuLa but it may be worth a search.

George's Web site also features several samples of his writings and aesthetic preferences for those who might want to first see if his style of material hits home before buying this book.

Strange blog math: how can you have a featured comment when the number of comments for the entry (before I added this one) was zero?


Warm and fuzzy feeling seeing that François Gillet got a mention.

I picked up this book a few weeks ago at a local bookstore (sorry Mike) and am greatly enjoying reading it, a few photos at a time. I'm now almost through, and will pick it up and browse as the mood takes me from time to time. I love the layout and the writing both by Mr. Barr and the photographer's viewpoint. It is almost perfect. My quibble too is the thickness of the paper as when viewing some photos, Code for example, there is bleed-through from the previous page which disappoints me.

You might want to link to some sample pages, which are at

I am tangentially referenced in the book as I did the calligraphy for Brigette Carnochan's wonderful "Floating World" series. There's a piece of her work in the book. Looks to be a wonderful book.

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