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Monday, 25 April 2011


Did they read "Publish Your Publish Your Photography Book Book" before embarking on this project?


Publishing books is good. Selling the books after you publish them is better.

I have it. I've read it. It's currently on loan to a friend. It is a good overview of the publishing process with very helpful advice to those unfamiliar with publishing (most of us). If you are seriously thinking of "doing a book" I recommend it.

I not only have a copy of the book, but I have attended their companion seminar and have had a private consultation with "Swanny." For the right person, at the right point in their career, all three of these come highly recommended!

I met MVS once at an Image Bank meeting in Dallas. If her personality comes through in her writing this will be a very fine book.

I have a copy of Bill Owen's "Publish Your Photo Book," which was self-published in 1979. It has a nice handmade quality to it and looks it was typeset with a typewriter. It also lists his prints in the back of the book as costing $150.00 each. Such a deal! Of course the details and suggestions of the book are almost all outdated, but still, the need is still there.

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