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Sunday, 24 April 2011


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Article in The Guardian yesterday about Davidson looking for Girl (Holding Kitten)


Just got my copy today. It arrived in perfect shape and appears to be a first edition.

What an incredible collection.
I have promised myself to try and spend five mins with each picture.

thank you thank you thank you for the heads-up on these books. Got my set yesterday.
What a tactile experience!

Thank you so much for convincing me to buy Outside Inside. What a wonderful collection of photos, they really make you feel the people, not just see them.

Is there a "Best of Bruce Davidson" book for those of us who like him but not $200 worth.

"Is there a "Best of Bruce Davidson" book for those of us who like him but not $200 worth."

Well, my favorite is "Portraits," which is available used for around $25, according to Amazon. But it's not a "best of." About the best I can suggest for that would be the 1979 Dodd Mead paperback "Bruce Davidson: Photographs," although even that is a bit pricey on the used market for what it is. But it's not $200....


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