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Monday, 14 March 2011


I was open minded on the first post in Jan. After seeing the continuation I'm not very convinced. You don't "go in search for" a person who's contacted you and said, "that's my film and here's the proof and my address."

At this point, Rachel Maddow would exclaim, "bullpucky!"

Wait, Im getting my boots, this story is getting even deeper. Better call the guy who found Vivian Maier negatives to get some advice on how to best proceed.

Well, while I liked the photos shown in the first movie, it is very hard for me to buy the story behind the second one. BTW, the map of Europe shown in the second movie is way to old...

It is performance art. I'm 90% certain the whole thing was staged. Shooting the photos and leaving the film is the clincher for me. It's a YouTube era "Griffin & Sabine" story.

I think he created the story and is setting this up for sale as a movie script for a chick flick.

A note in a bottle, cast adrift on the waves of the sea, to be discovered, maybe by somebody holding an image recording device.
The device records images as digital only, the chip is lost and then processed by somebody else elsewhere.
Is the chip returned as were the processed strip of plastic filled with
negative images of somebody's positive
Strange how some minds appear to equate items lost with adventure in their boring lives. And for those so inclined raveling
a story to fit the particular situation.

Our world is not ours until we so wish.

Wasn't convinced than and even less convinced now.
The second movie is also slightly less interesting. Maybe because I know the end ?

I must be getting old and crotchety. Or perhaps I'm just too involved with other matters right now. But I just don't give a damn if it's true or not.

It's not even slightly interesting to me. Sorry.

I don't buy a second of it.

Surely people lose and find film rolls all the time; what's so special about this particular instance? I really don't get it. The photos themselves are so unremarkable that if I were the photographer, I'd say, "Yeah, thanks, man" if someone returned them to me, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over them.

I could care less if it's real or not. I'm happy to suspend disbelief in such a delicious presentation.

In short, it made me feel good, and that's what I appreciate.


The guy goes to five countries to get to one cafe.....more likely it's a compilation of his European holiday vids.

You aint either, Ken. And it aint interesting...

He didn't need help from the other people in Europe. They offered to help, so he decided to go contact them while he was vacationing in Europe with his girlfriend so he'll have some place to stay and hang out.

I am as cynical and sceptical as the rest of you grumpy old blokes, but there is nothing here setting off my BS detector. And no Dalen, I didn't hear him say he was off to Europe in search of the owner. He states in the intro that he had earlier that day returned the film to its owner in Paris. He did say that he had been searching for the owner before being contacted by her.

And do I care if it is true or not? Yes. It is a nice little true story, but as fiction, well, why bother?

The point is this thread. Well done I say.

I found a fuji digital in the hire car today. It had 50 pictures of taps, drains, bare paddocks and closeups of concrete fittings.

I'm not sure or even particularly bothered if this is a true story or not, but it is interesting and entertaining.

Um, where are all the interviews in the media?

Why do we get only a first person narrative in the second video, with no questions real interaction among the persons (actors) involved.

I potentially like it as short film and he certainly has my attention but it just didn't happen as he said.

Nice try.

The romantic in me wants to believe ......

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