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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


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Much better as a video with music, but the music is all wrong. Couldn't Peter have picked something a bit more Brazilian? If I am looking at pictures of Carnival, in Brazil, I want to feel as if I am being transported to Rio, not Rochester.

I would have picked something by Caetano Veloso, like "Queixa" maybe....


Great video and I liked the tune. Wish I had the necessary spondoolies for the workshop at the Carnival next year. Ah well... maybe another time.

Really nice video, but I muted the sound. What possessed him to use an American song? That's as bad as watching the Brazilian national team playing in the World Cup and being forced to listen to an American sportscaster.

"Quiexa" is a great Caetano Veloso song but not Carnival music. Each Carnival has it's own music. Since Beija Flor won this year's competition, a perfect choice would be their 2011 theme song, found here:


This is the rhythm of Carnival. It's hard to sit still. Opa!

Brazillian music would match the video alot better than what is currently on there, it just dosnt have the feel that it needs.

I have taken Robert's suggestion and have created a new version of a music video of photographs of my on-going multi-year project of moments on the edge of the Rio Carnaval, "On the Fringe of the Rio Carnaval". I have been working on this project for the past five years. The new version with samba music (the theme song from the samba school that won the 2011 Rio Carnaval samba school competition, Beija-Flor), can be seen here:

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