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Tuesday, 01 March 2011


A congress of eagles. Seems to demean the species don't you think?

I've only come across that many eagles at the dump, on feeding day, when a nearby homeowner throws out a bunch of halibut heads in his driveway (it's fishing country). The term "flock" becomes appropriate. My best eagle shot (here if you want) came after some ravens removed our garbage can lid. I found a big baldie eating leftover enchiladas in our driveway. It flew to a neighbor's tree and allowed me to shoot very close as it kept an eye on the can.

A few years ago my wife and I sat by our living room window in Vancouver on a sunny January morning. We spotted one bald eagle crossing high over the city...then another...then another...We eventually counted over fifty eagles. Quite a surreal sight, in the middle of a city.

Here's a tip: if looking for eagles, which have become more common every winter in many areas, they often winter in rural areas where large chicken and turkey farms are operating, as those places will discard dead birds outdoors, making for a ready food source. Look where the long low metal buildings are, adn wooded areas near water, and there they will be.

Bill Pearce

That's an amazing sight, but it could be cause for alarm. When creatures in nature do something unexpected there's often bad news afoot. Nature loves stability and consistency, so something like this usually means there's an upset somewhere nearby.

In possibly related news, bald eagles in British Columbia are currently so underfed that they are (according to news reports) literally falling from the sky (report: http://www.vancouversun.com/Starving+bald+eagles+weak+they+fall+from/4332314/story.html ).

A similar thing happens every year near where I grew up - Lake Red Rock in Iowa. Now they even have an event for them in March "Bald Eagle Day".

Mr Krumm rocks.

A group of eagles is actually called a convocation of eagles. Which would make an awesome band name.

There was a scene on the old Inspector Morse series when at a crime scene they were discussing what you called a group of swans (a lamentation). Someone asked if that's true what do you call a group of medical examiners?

A body.

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