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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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Mine arrived tout-de-suite, and I'm in Switzerland. Thanks! And very extremely beautiful it is too (Aspens)

I've already received my "Aspen" print, and it's gorgeous! I was a bit worried that it would be merely pretty, and therefore ultimately boring. But the actual print (as opposed to the online JPEG) is really mesmerizing in its subtlety and detail. Thanks, Charlie and Mike, for another great TOP print sale!

Charlie is a mensch, and I am so glad this print sale went so well! Congrats.

Charlie: I feel your discomfort, as I also had to "call for reinforcements" (paper and packing). Thank goodness we're not in the restaurant business.

That Canson Platine is a particularly good choice for the Aspens print. Very nice background tone, not too bright, not too cold but not too warm either. I've also recently taken a fling with this paper, initially on an image that needed a little base warmth but not too much. The Platine was excellent. It's now in my (intentionally small) palette of papers.

I too live Switzerland and found "Aspen in the Fog" yesterday. It is a magnificent print, with depth, mood, superb detail, and the colors that for me define these trees so beautifully. Thank you, Charles, thank you, Mike !

How are you all sending the prints - UPS,USPS, FED-EX? Is a signature required upon delivery?


Looking at the Canson website I see that they say the paper is "Internally buffered to resist gas fading and maximise the conservation of your prints"

I was just wondering how that relates to the buffered / unbuffered materials that have been talked about recently regarding print display etc.

I, too, have already received my "Aspen" print and it's stunning! I have lusted after an original Charlie Cramer image for many years and thanks to both Mike and Charlie I can now enjoy a beautiful example of his work for many years to come. Thanks, again, for this wonderful opportunity.

Like Ari and Richard, the print of "Aspens" arrived last Friday. I don't have any wallspace for it, so it will stay in hibernation for the time being, but it's beautiful...

A hearty thank you to you both.

The prints are all being sent via the US Post Office, and no signature is required. The boxes are very sturdy, with four more layers of cardboard inside protecting the print. Judging from previous comments, it seems the post office is being very quick with their deliveries. I'll be able to start sending more next week. Thanks for ordering a print!

I received my two prints on Tuesday and they are beautiful! The paper looks indeed nice, even for me coming from a traditional b/w glossy FB paper background. And Charles' packaging is quite sturdy.

Already took my print ('Aspens') for framing ... thank you to Charles and Mike.

Also got my 'Aspen' print, via the USPS. Echoing all above, wonderful packaging, etc. I got the print both to add to my very meager collection of other's prints, but also to see what a very good inkjet can look like, and to have it on hand to compare my attempts at printing. Beautiful print, it's a pleasure to look at, and it's going to help me see where the bar should be set. I'm glad I did this, thanks Mike.

Ray Hudson

I had a delightful surprise a few minutes ago and got my print, here in New Zealand. I didn't expect it for at least 3 more weeks.
The print is fantastic.

Thanks for the continuing print offers as otherwise I'd never be able to afford them.

I received Aspens two days ago - 2/22. Wonderful composition as well as a natural scenic moment I wish I could be present at more often of during my own travels. Thank you Charles and Mike.

We find that it displays best at a lower room lighting level, bringing out the darker mood of a forest clearing under the fog-diffused daylight.

That is a lot of proud new owners of a Charlie Cramer print!

Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the Aspens as well.

I did not order this time much as I wanted to - ctein's prints are still awaiting framing - and I have run out of spousal approval and wall space. But it seems to me that TOP's print sales must be the most successful method of selling photographic prints ever- 350 prints over two images in a week! I can't think of any artist who would not kill for that kind of exposure or those sales. Mike- it's time to give up TOP and start an on-line art gallery.

Am I the only person on the planet who ONLY ordered the canyon reflections print?

No, but I don't have an accurate breakdown yet. I'll tell you exactly when I finish the spreadsheet.


My Aspen's print is already matted, framed on hung on my wall. I just love looking at it. Great work Charlie!

Just received my Aspen's print this morning - a very nice surprise as I wasn't expecting it so soon (am in England). Arrived very well packaged and in perfect condition. It's an absolutely beautiful print - the online image does not do it justice. Thank you Charles and Mike.

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