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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


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I'm very happy to report that I received both prints at home today (the 17th), even before the sale closed. My thanks again to Charlie and Mike for making this sale happen, and for turning around the order so quickly.

Both prints are absolutely beautiful. While I knew the Aspens photo would be gorgeous, I suspected the Coyote Gulch photo particularly needed to be seen. It looks outstanding in the print in a way that a small web JPG can't convey.

I look forward to years of enjoying both of these photos (for now I'm going to avoid handling them any more until they're framed). These are the first prints I've ever purchased, and I'm sure they won't be my last.

Well, seeing as I live on t'other side of the known universe, I guess that the furore will have died down before my prints arrive and I can comment with any authority. I think I'm safe in assuming, however, that if Ctein and the other alumni quoted herein are happy (as they seem to be), I will have no cause for complaint.

Dang it. I figured I'd be happy with the Coyote Gulch image. But it's so beautiful I had to break down and order the Aspens image as well.


Stunning image! I'd certainly hang that one in my home. Best of luck with the print sale!

"Aspens" came today ... a terrific, even painterly image. I'm very impressed, and with any luck will get it to a framer tomorrow. Thanks much to Mr Cramer for the photograph, and Mr Johnston for organizing.

I received my copy of the Aspens print today. It is simply amazing. The best part is that I get a wonderful print while supporting the TOP at the same time. It's a win-win in my book. Just like those gifts you get when donating to your public radio station.

Do we have a break down of Aspens to Reflections sold?

"Do we have a break down of Aspens to Reflections sold?"

Not yet, but "Aspens" was far and away the big seller.

That makes sense--Charlie knows his audience, and "Aspens" was the print he wanted to feature when we first spoke of a possible sale. He had already noticed that it was very popular among his fans. I talked him into offering two instead of just the one.


It's indeed a stunning photo.

It's an excellent service this, and I hope it will continue to work well for tOP in the future.

Just received my copy of Aspens today (in CH). Great photo and print, thanks for providing this!


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