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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


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An excellent jump into the mixcloud pool. Welcome to the inspired madness; you made me a believer on several new-to-me cuts. Plus, a girded sense of purpose knowing I steered you to the Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet. I hope TOP folks come along for the mixcloud ride.



I don't get it. As usual.

With best regards,



I'm asking for you to forgive my ignorance, but what is a Cloudmix? I clicked through to the site, and listened to the 8 tracks on the album while doing some housekeeping on the computer. I was not previously familiar with any of the tracks, so I don't know if you and your friends are actively mixing different sources of music into a brand new composition, or more simply assembling different favourites from different artists into your own album?

FWIW, I did enjoy 7 of the 8 tracks, most especially the second. It reminded me of Norah Jones and "Come Away with Me", which seems to live on my car stereo. The first didn't work for me - if the whole ensemble of 8 tracks was likened to Christopher Bailey's concept of a tiny portfolio which he presented and then sought reaction, swapping out the less popular pictures, the first track would not make my personal cut. The other seven would, most definitely.


"? I don't get it."

Um...there doesn't seem to be a nice way to ask, although I don't mean to be impolite...what's not to get? Just some music. For the most part, pretty, tuneful, fairly quiet jazz. (Excepting that first cut.) With beats and melodies and everything. I don't quite know what you mean by "not getting"?


P.S. A suggestion. T.S. Eliot said, "Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood." Maybe try just listening, without trying to "get" anything?

"what is a Cloudmix?"

I believe Mixcloud bills itself as a form of internet radio, albeit with the programming uploaded voluntarily by participants. It's just for listening, not for downloading. Uploads must be "a radio show, podcast, or DJ mix set," and music sets must contain a minimum of eight cuts.


"Plus, a girded sense of purpose knowing I steered you to the Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet."

Indeed. Now one of my favorite albums.


Mistakenly cranked up the volume before Chil Phil got warmed up. Can I send you the bill for my new hearing aid?

Interesting mix, Mike. Made for nice background while I worked on a new sketch.

Thank you, Mike.

I have to say, I enjoyed this quite a lot, and I'dve never thought of myself as a Jazz listener (nor - pardon - old enough for that ;)).

I didn't "get" how the music got onto the site, what the copyright issues are, etc. - but, atypically, didn't care. Great music!

May I recommend the album "Smooth Danger" from Grand Pianoramax?

>> what's not to get?

Sometimes I just don’t get it either, takes me a while. I'd never used the mixcloud site before and the links kept taking me round and round to places I'd already been. I finally realized that I needed to click the giant circle with the arrow in it to get things started. And here I was looking for something as antiquated as the word “Play” all spelled out olde tyme like. How 2007 of me.

Listening now.


John F.

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