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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


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Freaking fabulous! I would have missed this if not for TOP. Thanks!

Brilliant, Mike - thank you.

That was awesome.


And what's even more amazing is that these guys were successful even before all the freely available Internet criticism of their photos.

Another video of Peter Turnley -- an hour long interview -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpLfq7N-X40

So, er, Mike, how is posting this here not a copyright violation?

Just curious...

Amazing, and so very American as well.
For some damnable reasons we Canadian's don't get into the political photographic conflicts the Turnley brothers have done.
Canadians tend to go about doing peace-keeping and similar without too much fuss, until one of our own is struck down. Then we go into a national form of mourning each and every repatriated deceased soldier.

Maybe in looking at all of the world conflicts it is not so obvious the uSA is an initial part, if only by dint of
being there, or maybe by whatever means have caused the problems.

Don't get me wrong, just saying who better to cover an uprising or conflict than that somebody from the country that probeably had a hand in the process way back down the road.

The Turnley brothers certainly can hold up their end ofthe bargain.

Agreed. That was absolutely wonderful. Can't thank you enough for posting that. I really hope it stays up for others to see.


"And what's even more amazing is that these guys were successful even before all the freely available Internet criticism of their photos."

Love it.

Two of my best friends are identical twins. They're close but they're very different. One's a chilled guy with a steady job and a couple of kids, the other's not chilled and has a pretty chaotic tough life. The less chilled of the twins is the more dominant one. They've come to blows on many an occasion but when the proverbial hits the fan they close ranks.

Kind of OT here but I'm just looking at the Jeffery stockbridge shot of twin sisters Carroll and Shelly McKean. There's two twins doing the same job, a profession much older than David's and Peter's.


Thanks from me too. The Turnley thing has fallen into place for me nicely. A picture speaks a thousand words, but a few actual words sometimes helps! Simon

Bob: Because he is *linking* to it, not *hosting* it.

Thank you for highlighting this piece, Mike. This is really still a very singular story in the world of photojournalism. One for the annals, as they say.

Their tenacity and drive sure impressed me. Those qualities apply to anything one aspires to. It reminded me of when I was younger and an avid landscape photographer. I'd get up way before dawn and drive and hike for miles with large format equipment to get great shots. A lot of effort but it was always worth it. Often the most difficult road is the best one to take.

Thanks, Mike.

In synch with this post's title, I enjoyed watching that video, two times and what a perfect title for the referenced book (and profession), Get the Picture. Thanks to TOP for sharing this.

This video is also available on Peter's website under the "Videos" section:


Thanks for pointing this out. I remember seeing their exhibition at the ICP in 1996.

Mike -

I thought I knew the Turnleys before Peter started contributing to this site, but I only knew the tip of the iceberg. Since Peter's first post here, I have been reading about him and his brother; and I have to say I am impressed on so many levels.

These guys have done so much and I have tremendous respect for them.

I feel privileged that Peter contributes to my favorite photography site.


Now I wish I'd ordered one of Peter's prints. Day late, dollar short.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I had not heard of them and was excited to learn we share a home town (Fort Wayne, IN). They, no doubt, would have been influenced by Daily Fogle (no relation), the long time photographer at the Fort Wayne paper and a really great guy.

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