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Saturday, 12 February 2011


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Hmmm, the Durst L1200 is residing in storage - safely protected and periodically lusted over. Could a new paper such as this release it from its dotage? reinvigorate it with the zeal of youth? I wonder.

The control of the output with the digital process is facile and extensive. The range of papers available is expansive. For years now I have revelled in the "best of both worlds" utopia of shooting 4x5 negs, scanning and ink-jet output. Yeah, I know an ink-jet ain't no silver print but then it must be realised also that the sharpness of a silver print isn't quite what an ink-jet print is.

But good on Ilford (Harman) for giving it a go. Choice with a range of options can only be a good thing.



The new Ilford paper is exciting news - any word on North American availability and pricing?

Pricing is said to be "a little more" than Ilford Warmtone FB. I don't know when it's slated for release here. And I should have mentioned, it will be available in sizes from 8x10 to 20x24, and rolls.


I just set up my first darkroom and have happily exchanged printing for sleep. I am very happy to read this news.

Please, we don't need another "arid wasteland" on the internet.


May try to ask relative coming from uk to my little darkroom to buy a few. But ...


Self learner like me does not know what to do with roll. How large is this? Cut to do testing? .... For very large print only? How to process it? ... Have to get out of bed to check this out.

The timeing could not better as it around the end of April I will get the overhauled Rolleiflex back from Oceanside. I am looking forward to all the new poosiblilities in printing.

It has been a long time since there was a consensus on a paper considered as reference standard. If this even comes close, it will be welcome.

Mike the correct spelling of matt is matt and is derived from the french 'mat' and came into usage in the English language in the seventeenth century. 'Matte' is an American derivation, just as 'color' is an American derivation of the English word 'colour'.

In that case you should spell the "English" word "Couleur."


There's a copy of the announcment posted on APUG.

They mention sizes will from 5x7 to 20x24, in boxes of 10/15/30/50.

Now this is interesting. It's been a long time since we darkroom folks had something new to play with. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

This is indeed exciting news. I'm impressed with Ilford/Harman's commitment to the medium and look forward with giddy delight to having a premium paper as I move back into the darkroom after too long a hiatus. Thank you Ilford!

Mike, Can you clear a bit of trivia for me.
I know that Ilford has it's main site near Fribourg Switzerland.
However there also seems to be a Ilford Harman which once belonged to ciba (making for a swiss connection) but now belongs to Harman again which is based in England.
Are these companies the same? And what does Hahnemühle have to do with this?
I would very much appreciate a short run down of the companies actually making all the lovely Printer foto paper.
It's seems to be that there are many product names but not so many companies behind all of this.
Aside from basic interest my goal is a very selfish one. I would like to get the paper cheaper and knowledge of who makes what would help direct my search.

Dennis, in UK English the correct spelling of the surface quality is apparently mat. And "matt" is a variant.

Matte is something else.

I've been lucky enough to get a printed sample from a fellow photographer (who was a "beta-tester" for this paper), thanks to the Postcard Exchange over at http://www.apug.org . The surface is absolutely lovely.

I can't wait (well, I can, obviously; I'll have to...) to try the paper myself. I don't think the surface will work for each and every subject, but for the right subjects, I imagine it will be great.

Im deutschsprachigen Raum ist die richtige Schreibweise auch "matt".


Max Mustermann
Marketing & Communications
Papierfabrik Hahnemühle


(Editor's note: my auto-translate app translates this as "In the German-speaking countries the correct way of writing is also 'matte.' " [sic] :-) --Mike)

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