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Sunday, 27 February 2011


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$70k or so not including shipping and handling.... Nice job.

Finland is not geographically part of Scandinavia - only Sweden, Norway and Denmark are. The most correct term would be "Nordic countries," which includes Finland and Iceland.

Politically Finland (and Iceland) are part of Scandinavia due to their similar political systems (read: universal healthcare financed by unsustainable and crippling taxation - yes, I'm Finnish).

But nobody cares about the distinction, not even in Scandinavia: Nordics and Scandinavia are used interchangeably.

My Finnish (though Swedish speaking) friends are adamant that Finland is not part of Scandinavia, but is a Nordic country. If in doubt, Nordic refers to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, at least when speaking with a Finn :-).


I'm looking forward to framing and hanging the prints I purchased. Love them and really thank Charlie for his work, and Mike for another amazing sale of images that I will have on my wall.

Can't say I'm surprised at how many prints of "Aspen" were sold. One quick look at the photo online, even in it's small web size and it really drew me in for minutes on end. That told me that it was going to be a winner- and it was.


Belongs to Scandinavia!
Good neighbours.
Except when they beat us at ice-hockey.

From Sweden

Finland as part of Scandinavia? Strictly geographically - no. In Scandinavia we tend to use the term "North" or "Nordic countries", which includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. But English usage of the word Scandinavia often includes Finland, so your'e alright.

Finland is part of Scandinavia but we are not part of Russia as some believe. We also don't have ice bears here.

In Finland we count us as part of Scandinavia - but I'm not sure how the other Scandinavian countries feel about this...

Thanks again for organizing the sale, now I'm eagerly waiting to set my eyes on the aspen print.

as a side observer i coudln't miss the fact that the analog one was more popular than the digita one (which stragely depicts water and stone as if it was made of steel). pardon my critics, both shots are wonderful and well done.

Very strictly speaking - in geographical terms - northern Finland IS part of Scandinavia but Denmark isn`t.In politics,history and culture we´re all the same Skandinavian countries,the danes too!

Good thing I didn't think I was being transgressively iconoclastic when I ordered "Aspens" :-) .

I think Mr. Cramer owes you a beer Mike :)
Congrats to both of you for a successful sale, where do I sign up?

Film rulez!

Thanks again for your print offer. I purchased both, but almost passed up "Canyon" because I didn't find it very compelling on screen. My wife (who hadn't seen either image before I opened the box) and I were quite amazed at the colors in the "Canyon" print. We both think "Aspens" is stunning either digitally or in print, but "Canyon" really comes into itself only in print. Once again, your print offer has given me wonderful art work and something to think about.
Take care.
Greg. :^)

I received my "Canyon" and "Aspens" prints today. They are both outstanding but the "Aspens" image is something really special. I am kind of an Aspen image junkie in my photo collection and the Cramer image is just amazing. The Cramer "Aspens" image reminds me of Aspen images by Christopher Burkett, but with very different, more pleasing to me, tonal qualities.

As the sole X3 "Aspens" print order person I would like to add my note of appreciation. The prints arrived yesterday and are magnificent. The image was up on my cinema display as wallpaper and two friends made similar comments - "That's the best picture you've taken yet". Crestfallen, as obviously it was not one of my images, I purchased a copy for each of them so they will live in a state of constant embarrassment at their faux pas.

Canyon arrived today. Can't wait to put it up on the wall. Just lovely.

My print order ("Aspens") arrived in Calgary earlier this week, and it's wonderful! It will go out for framing soon; right now my wife & I are just enjoying it as shipped. Thanks so much to Mike and Charlie for putting together another great print offer...

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