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Monday, 24 January 2011


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I'm delighted to see you feature Joe Holmes, Mike. I've followed his stuff online for at least a year. Perhaps it's because we're the same age. Perhaps it's because he seems drawn to some scenes and subjects that also would draw me. Perhaps it's because he's skilled with the camera and also skilled with mature restraint in his post-processing. Perhaps it's because he's just plain good.

But I've liked his work very much for a while, mainly I think because his is a mature, but still eclectic, eye. Joe Holmes shoots urban scenes with a secure grown-up's eye. I admire that.

Saw his Urban Wilderness series recently (I think on lenscratch) and was really taken with it.

The seems equally good.

Congrats for the choice.
I actually do think that it is a very femenine choice.
Paraphrasing Röyksopp,
"Brave men tell the truth,a wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles,a woman holds her tongue,knowing silence will speak for her."

I do think those pictures, and the choice of this random excelence, are very silent, aren´t they?

A lot of street photographers deliberately have minimum contact with the people they photograph and I can often understand why.

But some of the most satisfying photographs I've ever taken have been of people that I chatted with, sometimes extensively. The photos themselves may not be anything special, but I can point you to every one of them from memory. I doubt I can do that with any of the others. Clearly this is the case with Joseph Holmes also ('cept his are stunning :).

I am not one of those people who finds it easy to go up and talk to strangers, but a camera in my hand just seems to egg me on. Another thing for which I have photography to thank.

Thanks for the tip Mike,
I just bought the "Central Park South" which took me very much the same way as the Storm picture I was able to purchase off Ken Tanaka. As I will hang them together, it's nice to see Mr. Tanaka sees similarities too.

regards Christian

Joe's the real deal and he's really hit his stride in the past two years. From Workspace to Custom Machinery to Urban Wilderness, his work is top notch!

I've been enjoying Joe's work for a long time, and when I originally saw the Christmas tree vendor series it immediately became my most favorite of all.

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