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Saturday, 01 January 2011


That's a nice portrait. Not to conflate things too much for this intellectual crowd.

BD is getting old! ...like the rest of us, I guess...when we were all in college for photography in the early 70's, after years of reading photo magazines and all, we laughed at all the "chumps" that weren't shooting 35mm as "grandpas" and luddites (sound familiar alt and emo kids?), I can't tell you what an effect BD's East 100 Street had on all of us. That someone would drag a large format camera around a particularly dangerous neighborhood and get those types of images...to this day, when people ask, I always tell them that East 100 Street was one of my early influences...

An interview worth reading about Bruce is here: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/28/showcase-177/

I recently got the chance to photograph Santi Visalli, photojournalist, architectural photographer and celebrity photographer. When I called to make the appointment, we chatted about his 40 years worth of work and the fact that he doesn't own a digital camera. So for a rarity, I pulled out my Tachihara cherry wood 4x5 and ended up shooting images of him on 4x5 film for the paper I worked for.
I did it mainly out of respect for his four decades of work on film and when I pulled the camera out of my bag, he and his wife both were so incredibly pleased. Made my week for sure!
Funny thing is, I had to shoot the Astia sheets on a lightbox with my Canon digital to get the images on time to the designers. For newsprint, they'll work fine.

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