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Monday, 03 January 2011


I am generally a brutal editor of my own photos, but I couldn't bring mine down to a top 10. In order to give a good flavour (a different objective than just a top 10) the most I could bring mine down to was a top 25.

I do want to take photos more regularly (hence my 365) and towards the end it felt like a particularly onerous job, but I don't really think I could do it for a living. The pressure seemed incredible towards the end.

I am glad that someone not only does it as a job, but enjoys it also.

10 fine shots... Jack, does your camera have an "irony" scene mode, or do you have to set that up yourself?


Wow... This must be the first time TOP publishes airplane pics!
I know that airplane/airshow fanatics are a small community here, and between genres aerophotography must be something between a quirk and a straight-up fetish, when related to the usual themes on TOP.
While mr. Foley made that picture "en passant", it's one of the best plane pics I've seen in years; 'grats! If I'd be to start my own print collection (subject: air... machines), Jack Foley's one from Rhode Island would be a must have, even the jewel crown.
Mike, I'm curious if you can find more photographers/galleries on specific/niche genres; not only planes, but whatever genre you can imagine. This would be a good way to diversify things here on TOP, and also a good way to show people interesting pictures that could light up the interest on stuff other than mainstream things, like landscape/street/portrait photography.

shutter speed way too fast. You want to see some good airplane pics check out the almost 1500 page thread on fred miranda's site titled:
"mustang air to air." be prepared to have your socks blown off :)


Is it your tenet that tenset is a word? Or should be? After all 'set of ten' is so much harder to say.

Google throws up another use you made of it just over a year ago. I reckon you'd have to use it a bit more frequently for it to make it into the next edition of your favourite dictionary.

And I can't believe I've used it myself. Rats.

Steven House,
Yes, and if I reply to you with the phrases "Steven House" and "tenset" together, then, in the future, the word tenset could well come up on Google along with the name Steven House. You, Steven House, could end up being identified with the word tenset.

Mike (who I guess did coin the word "tenset.")

Mr Foley - aerobatic not acrobatic. :)

Apart from that, great shot, and the rest are pretty good too. The half-mast flag at the Army NG armoury is my pick for the best of the best. The baker's crosshair window is well-seen, and well-executed as well. (Umm... you know what I mean.)

It's ok, Mike, I think the Bee Gees put Massachusetts on the map.

Oh I just love the humming of those Extra 300s. Thank you Mike, for reminding me I have to see at least one airshow this year.

RobG; I had a chance to see the gallery just before it went online, and didn't notice that an editor had changed my "aerobatic" to "acrobatic". Quite annoying. Thanks for noticing though, and for being nice about it too. Jack Foley

I've searched the Herald News site but couldn't find a gallery with mr. Foley's work for the National Guard airshow; I wanted to see more frames around the picture featured here.
Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Jack Foley - I just reviewed my post, and it seems I owe you an apology; my dyslexic fingers would have me liking the baker's crosshair window, not the banker's crosshair window.

Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa.

Still great photos. (And doncha hate editors what change stuff, huh?)

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