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Saturday, 01 January 2011


Happy New Year, I always check out TOP, best wishes from the UK.

Happy New Year to you and TOP. Your site is one of the most intelligent blogs about photography and I always enjoy the articles.

May you have a blessed and prosperous 2011!

Thanks Mike. For the wishes and for the site. Happy New Year to you.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Mike!
You remind everyone what photography is about in its relationship with music, books, and simple humanity, without having to pander to the digital crisis junkies who scrabble for their fix. I wish you a happy and healthy 2011!

Mike - You and Ctein are tops in my list and on my RSS feeds. Thanks for all the stimulating, entertaining and very useful information you share. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Best wishes from cold and wintery Winnipeg!

Hugh - in Winnipeg

Are you inviting me back? I'll be there with bells on! All best for the new year!

And best wishes for 2011 to you too. I've managed to get out with my new K-5 at night in winter Waukesha a few times when it hasn't been too cold and have been pleased with the results, but I still have a lot to learn.

Happy new year to you! Thanks for the great blog. I look forward to reading it every day.

Just finished assembling my 365 project for 2010, and found only 69 images. Apparently, my camera was off for the other 296 days.

Resolved to do better in 2011, starting here:

It's been great reading TOP in 2010, Mike... thanks!


Happy New Year, Mike & Co! Here's hoping 2011 brings you even more joy and success!

(And a second run of Bruce Davidson's book...)


Maybe you can get your own reality based TV show where you're flown to the Arctic circle and get ten tries to nail a properly focused, properly exposed shot of a caribou with the camera they hand you.

Otherwise, thanks for providing a welcoming, informative venue that has been worth returning to daily for years...

All best from New Mexico, Mike.

I'm afraid my snide comment about Wisconsin the other day came back to bite me in the ass. We're heading into another night of sub-zero temperatures... Payback from the Nordic gods.

Happy New Year Mike,
Looking forward to seeing TOP all through the next year and beyond.

All the best for 2011.

Do please keep TOP going. We really do enjoy vising you.

Geoffrey V. Hughes

Thanks for starting this conversation. More importantly, thanks for continuing.
All the best in 2011.

Thank you for the past 365, looking forward to the next.
Wishing you Mike and all contributors of TOP a New Year of good health, humor and great photos.

Woo hoo! Here's to another 365 for TOP!

This does seem like an opportune time for another "me too" post:

A very merry 2011 to you too, Mike, and all your readers.

I'm thrilled I made it through another year without getting banned. I'm just sayin' :).

Most seriously though:

A happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours Mike. TOP rocks!

Happy New Year to you Mike. My first 2 stops everyday is TOP and T. Hogan's. I can't repay you for the entertainment and education I get stopping by your blog. I can only wish that you'll be blessed with great health and sense of humor.

Let's hope our 2011 journey will be as eventful and colorful.

Best wishes from The Netherlands Mike!

Happy New Year from a 18% grey UK. Light level EV 6.2, so I'm settling back with the DVD box set of Garrow's Law that Father Christmas was kind enough to leave under the tree. While I normally get angry with the BBC for the sheer amount of dross that my taxes fund, just occasionally they pull off a masterpiece.

Happy New Year from the UK, and many thanks to you and all the good folk whose wit and wisdom make visiting TOP such a joy.

Have a great year Mike, looking forward to more great posts. Just started my own 365 project yesterday!

Best wishes from the hinterlands of Tyngsboro, Mass. And keep up the great work.

Paul Richardson

Cheers, Mike! And many, many thanks from freezing Copenhagen, Denmark :)

Happy New Year Mike! I do wish you still wrote for B+W Photography which is a mag I've bought from Issue 1. Your pieces left a lasting impression and have been/still are a huge help. But of course 'Politics is Politics' in all human activities, not just in mis-governing countries. I can't agree with the recent proposition here that Robert Frank trumps HCB because I don't think he has the same repect for the subject matter which is, after all, humanity.

Cheers Mike!

Happy New Year to you and yours! Keep TOP going; as other contributors have said, TOP is the best website for photographic info and chit-chat in existence. And yes the weather still resembles an 18% grey card.

Very best to you and to all contributors and readers in 2011. Still my favourite online place with no sign of that changing.

To you and yours as well!

And, while I'm at it, thank you for the last 365.

From the "Better Late Than Never" Dept.: thank you, muchly, for an entertaining, funny, and illuminating 2010. And all my best wishes for a great 2011!

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