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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


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Hey, is that a hotshoe bracket for holding the cigar? :)


What do you want to bet he has one somewhere? I'll bet he does.


So Jay is 80? That means you only have another 20 years or so to attend a Jay Maisel workshop -- a week of aphorisms, solid critique disguised as verbal abuse, hundreds of Jay's great shots, and thousands of f-bombs.

There's a great Jay Maisel quote from a blog post on thedigitalstory.com that sums it up:

"A friend of mine brought a cardboard box to one of my presentations. I asked him, why the box? He said there will be two groups of people in the audience today. Half will leave before the presentation is over because they will have to go outside and take pictures. The other half will want to leave their cameras in this box."

That about sums it up. Have a great f@#%#ing birthday, Jay!

I had the good luck to participate in a workshop Jay did in San Antonio in 1986. A workshop with Jay is totally BS-free and full of good humor at the same time - rewarding on several levels. A phenomenal guy.

Many happy returns, Jay.

I attended Jay's course in Dec. 2009. What a great experience! Worth every penny of the gazillion bucks it cost;-)
He taught photography the only sensible way: he gave us some very basic rules and made us go out and take pictures on our own.

The other thing that was so incredible was seeing a guy who really had made it in photography - commercially and artistically. A career that is barely thinkable in today's world of digital imaging with everyone being their own "artist". But then, Jay has always been an exception - even in the "golden" years of commercial photography. There are not many of Jay's colleagues around anymore that have succeeded to acquire "real" real estate in Manhattan.
I am very happy that I had the opportunity to have gotten to know this living legend. Now, everyone: rush out and book his seminar before it's to late in 2030/2040/2050 or so.

That is just about my dream home, I have always said I want to live in a warehouse with attached bedroom.


Crap, I'm having a hard time believing the man is 80. I was honored just to listen to him at a conference a couple of years & have to admit becoming an instant fan.

Some great reads off of those links on jaymaisel.com, too. Particularly the link to Seth Reznick's blog. I may start calling him God too, now.

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