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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


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Is Adobe responding to the $80 Aperture price on the App Store (soon to be TM)?

I bought Aperture for £49.95 from the newly launched Apple Mac App Store a week or so ago. Still working my way in to the programme, but my first impressions are very positive so far.

I had previously thought that as and when I felt ready to move up to an advanced programme it would be an Aperture vs Lightroom decision, both being (in UK) roughly evenly priced. I know from skim-reading web opinions that both have strengths and disadvantages relative to the other, but in my case, those strengths and disadvantages were only visible in the (to me) esoteric very very advanced users.

The sudden price differential was enough for me to move, in favour of Aperture. I'm not an unthinking fan of Apple, and my wallet is important. There is certainly a view that I could have waited to see how Adobe responded, and take advantage, but given how evenly I felt the two products were for my purposes, the price drop of over £100 was a little bit "shock and awe". I fell for it, and I'm not looking back with regret. OT, I also picked up the latest copy of Omnigraffle (which I use heavily at work), again for a 2/3 reduction in price. A very agressive launch-pricing strategy by Apple for the Mac App Store seems to have found some traction.

If there are others like me, and unless Adobe responds with a permanent price drop, Apple will have successfully put Adobe onto the back foot for a large constituency of possible buyers.

In Australia Aperture is now available for one quarter of the price of Lightroom.

And whilst Apple have done nothing to indicate that the App Store will accommodate an update pricing model, when Aperture is available outright for 2/3rds of the Lightroom update price then the question becomes rather moot.

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