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Thursday, 09 December 2010


Are the Alexa statistics based on US visitors only? Oh, and do you know what percentage of your readers are in the US?

It tells you something about the state of the economy when graduate school-educated males in their prime are at home, browsing internet :-((

I surely don't fit that profile, being an elderly female, although I do have a juris doctorate and usually browse from home.

"Elderly females" (and actually all elderly, and all females) are most welcome here as well, I assure you!


What bothers me is all that INFO is available from your browser!

Or on your computer and they're using the browser to reach into your computer.

I feel a bit greenish/turquiose today!

What about us elderly, graduate degree'd who browse from work?,

Based on population, we Canadians seem to be over-represented. Wow, we're not only polite but have good taste too.

Haha, I fit the bill perfectly :-D

I'm male, I'm at home, I'm 51 but look younger (or so I'm told) I'm not graduate school educated but I have a City & Guilds in Electrical Engineering and I'm a right smartar$e.

How do you know our genders?

(I mean, in my case it's a reasonable guess based on my pseudonym, but I'm curious as to how Google is determining that figure.)

Everything else about the profile is correct, however.

Slobodan, perhaps it is that they are browsing after work is done. In which case, this suggests that most of TOP's readers are responsibile sorts (or have day jobs where surfing isn't possible).

Ah, I didn't read carefully enough. The first is an estimate, based on generic internet profiles, not TOP specific.

I guess all that graduate education didn't do much good!

And what about us 'silver surfers' (male)over 70! in the UK?

Divide those numbers by the population in each country and you'll find that Canada Loves you.

"Not fair". How about 45 year old males with post-graduate education browsing from their mobile phones? ;->)

I'm 27, male, hold a bachelor's degree, and read your site during downtime at the office. I suspect most people in my category are over at dpreview arguing about whether the 85/1.4 is REALLY worth the difference in price over the 85/1.8. This census makes me feel ahead of the curve...

By the way, the answer to the 85mm quandary is, Hell yes.

OMG! TOP is the new facebook! You know too much about us (me)! What will you do with all that info? Out of curiosity, what percentage clicks on the joyful nudes link with regularity? I know I do.

"It tells you something about the state of the economy when graduate school-educated males in their prime are at home, browsing internet :-(("

If it's any comfort I never graduated from anywhere and I have to hide the link to Joyful nudes whenever my boss walks by.

Male, 58, PhD. Visit this site, but very few others, daily -- from work (during breaks), from home (during breaks), and on travel (in boring hotel rooms).

BTW, what is "elderly?"

Oh, yeah? You don't know me, hotshot. It just so happens, that I'm 40, male, have an MA and browse this site from WORK...most of the time.

"Elderly females" are most welcome here as well
Glad to hear it, as I'm in that category too (when did that happen?!) :). Did go to law school though, and I usually browse from home in The Netherlands.

I'm male, 34, with a BA and I'm at work. HA! :-)

True. 42 in 3 weeks. A professor of engineering.

Fooled it. Maybe I'm 40, maybe I have a graduate degree.

But I do most of my work from home.

Based on internet averages, theonlinephotographer.typepad.com is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 35–44, are graduate school educated and browse this site from home
It's a precise profile of me!


who are in the age range 35–44,

are graduate school educated

and browse this site from home

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late to pick up from the garage my standard-issue-for-my-neighborhood station-wagon. Ah, to squarely be in a marketing demographic.

Sent from my iPhone

Ok, well I have a Bachelors Degree, summa cum laude, does that count? I'm a professional photographer, author, and let's just say in my 40's, so Alexa is pretty good...though I never got that graduate degree finished....

"Divide those numbers by the population in each country and you'll find that Canada Loves you."

...And I love Canada!


"BTW, what is 'elderly?' "

I believe old age is now defined by the DSM IV TR as 65 and older. It used to be 60, but people are living longer and also retaining their vitality longer than previously.

Me, I'm elderly in body, adolescent in brain, and I'm only 53.


Seems the main bunch is a wee bit younger then I am (darn, I just changed the number yesterday !!!).
I'm surprised France does show in the breakdown, but then, T.O.P. is written in bona fide language, allowing for our graduate school frog eaters to stay on the level !!!

Keep the good work Mike, the world is watching you...


me not even ispeak engrsih

Alexa's statistics are gathered by a little applet that is run on the computers (usually home machines) that are owned by Alexa participants, who agree to contribute their usage stats in return for hints, tips, leads to interesting stuff, etc. that go beyond what Google might offer and are somewhat proactive. I would guess that Alexa's demographics are just what you described as TOP's. But that may not mean that other, particularly older (like me), demographics don't watch TOP. Your RSS feeds vs. Alexa watchers may be biased the other way, to a younger group.


Hm Mike - I'm also looking at my stats (done with the free and open source webalizer program) from time to time, but I guess those are based on some assumptions which aren't necessarily true. Like:

- all .com domains origin from the US
- .us is never used
- .org and .net are "other"

And so on. Here in Germany for instance, we have a very huge user base who are using DSL lines from German Telekom - which come in as .net. We also have some .com domains here which are in the case of big enterprises being split with subdomains *before*, like at my employers' - my address there is within de.ibm.com. And we are almost 20,000 employees here in Germany, and don't ask me how many in the UK or in France or elsewhere - and all come in as .com.

So assumptions made by these statistical tools, like .com=US are simply wrong. Therefore, the country stats cannot really tell us much. At least take them with a grain of salt.


btw: I'm male, 53, and come in mostly from home (.de), but sometimes also from work (.com)

"At least take them with a grain of salt."

Oh, I do. For instance, no one knows I'm a dog.


Ha, you lose! Graduate school drop-out, 64.
Not at all like your other readers...

Which (if correct) makes your audience here YOUNGER than some other photo groups I'm involved in!

(I'm overage and under-educated, apparently.)

That leaves me out. 56 years young. Goofed my way through high school and was formally educated on a construction site. But I do read TOP at home. Must count for something? lol

I'm male, 24, visit daily from work, home or iphone while on transit. Makes me a young TOP addict?

54, married with children, expat US living in Germany...

Dual BA in philosophy/psychology, MA in political science, economics and philosophy, ABD in the 1980s in philosophy, and am contemplating a doctorate in economics...before I retire. :-)

Well. I guess I barely make the profile. I am male, unemployed at 55, back in college to learn Internet Technologies, but still enjoying the photography after seven years. And the sun is out in all its glory over in Port Angeles. It helps that the college quarter ended two days ago too.

German male, 38, Diplom-Ingenieur, at home ...


males - apparently so;
in the age range 35–44 - mental or physical age?;
graduate school educated - Phew. Over here we have universities;
browse this site from home - I work from home, how does that count?

Think I must be The Average tOP Reader personified. Meh. ;)

I fit the demographic.

What intrigues me though are a couple of mentions of "Joyful Nudes" in the comments. I'm browsing from a Mac through a VPN and have every available ad-blocker enabled, so all I see of TOP is three panes, the outer pair being blank apart from Resources, Categories and Stats on the right.

I perfectly well know that t'internet is full of that sort of stuff, but I'm very surprised that TOP links to it: it isn't what I expected and TBH, I'm more than a little surprised and downcast.

"Which (if correct) makes your audience here YOUNGER than some other photo groups I'm involved in!"

Heck, it makes some of your audience younger than our Gitzos and Majestics!

I'm homeless, 66 years of age, and dropped out of high school. But I do have mad photo skilz.
Where do I fit in?

You fit right in here too.


Wow, I'm just a little younger than the average but other than that the report nailed it!

Just curious, what about us who rarely visit, but subscribe to an RSS feed and consequently pay a "virtual visit" several times a day? Are we registered at all? No clicks.

How many readers are in Sweden? If there is only one ... then I guess I'm him ...

Female, BA, MBA, browse from home or on my iPhone. Old enough to have my Medicare card.

Richard E.,
In the past 30 days we've had 13,490 visits from Sweden. So it's probably not all you unless you check the site 450 times a day. [g]


Male, at home (and work), a PhD, but I'm only 30. Sorry, man, waaaaaaaaaaaay off.

OK, now you've gone and made me feel one year-(too-)old :)

Ummmmmm - yes?

I'm not a number…I'm an Internet average :-(

No degree, and seeing that I'm not the only one makes me feel better.

Male, 43 (and holding... but only for another month), and seeing as there's no networks on coal mines (not for us grotty workers, anyway), I log in using my own connection from home, mobile broadband from camp, iPhone when I'm travelling to work.

Take that, statistics.

I feel so AVERAGE. 35, male, PhD (marine biology), reading at home.

You are also very popular in Australia, which is where I am.


I don't have any sort of academic degree at all. Only a BFA in studio art (photography, naturally).

I guess I'm not qualified to read TOP.... [g]


Greetings, earth-photographers. We too enjoy whiffing along your intertubes (when in the neighborhood), however, faster-than-light travel moves us in a direction chronologically opposite to you, and so you ever appear younger, smoother, more alert, and if I dare say it -- tastier. At least to us, who appreciate such things. Unfortunately, because we travel so, we are now approaching the beginning-of-life of Windows 1.0 and must soon switch to MS-DOS. Farewell, farewell to you all. Wish us well. Happy clicking!

Okay, could YOU pick me up some Dassonville Charcoal Black?

Whoops, sorry, wrong thread.


I'm from the yellow slice of pie. 40. Diploma. Home.
And just to help the stats further. I read off an Eizo monitor (carefully profiled). I sit in one chair. I'm 6ft4. Dark hair. Drink tea. I shave with gillette. One wife. Three children. Two cars. One mower. Vegetable plot. One Leica. Two 'blads. Three Nikons. Six Macs. Left handed.

Right age...but from work...and didn't go to graduate school...and in the yellow wedge..

What does that make me?

Hmm. I'm older and less educated than y'all at 55 with only a 4 year degree.

And, I'm as likely to browse from the coffee shop or a hotel as I am from home.

Anyway, this is the site I go too with the lowest troll population, but I'm sure that's because Mike quashes the trollish posts during the review process, thus making his site appear to attract smarter posters than the average internet site.

Anyway, keep up the good work whilst I look for a masters program to further improve the demographics around here. I'll still be older than the average though, too bad I can't fix that. ;)

Sixty-one, HS education, likes old mechanical do-dads thus interest in old cameras. (Have a DSLR but if it fell into salt water tomorrow would feel no particular loss and likely would not replace it.) Get a lot of pleasure from TOP and the guest contributors are first rate too.

older but not elderly (according to previous posts) woman from Oz...lawyer and TOP fan...keep up the good work, Mike!

How do they know that most have post-graduate education? Because they can use a semi-colon correctly? Do they know what my statistically favorite camera is? Do I use the zone system? (I fit the profile but am 13 years outside the demographic limit).

Early fifties, female, and college grad...but I do browse from home. Never did like being part of the average!

Huh. Except for the age (very late 50's) that pretty well describes me - Ph.D. and only browse from home. Empty nester with a cabinet full of vintage film cameras and a dSLR.

Male, 34, PhD. From home.

Bang on. I wonder why the blog appeals more to those with graduate degrees?

Hi there, I'm 20, male, undergraduate and from Malaysia.

That's 1 out of those 185 countries. :)


I might have misunderstood your post, but Google Analytics does not base its geographic location data on your domain name, but on your outgoing IP address. These can be located down to city (or lower) level via various database services available to people like Google.

Degree Educated

I just made 42, most of my peers and colleagues have graduate degrees, but I have no degree at all, just the right blend of book learnin' and experience that lets me compete and collaborate with my fellow engineers. I work for a very large company and I have no office other than my desk at home. I work from here and on the road, so when I visit TOP it may be either.

I never quite, completely fit in anywhere!

I guess I'm not average: Four-year degree and retired, though I do read TOP at home.

So far we've heard from several "older" women, but not from any younger ones. Why is that?

Yet another average guy, I'm male 43 (Qualified product designer) browse from home. Although I do fall into a grey area, as I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Well I'm not educated. I only got through HS by the skin of my teeth (but I do have a few college credits). I'm 63 and a self taught photographer and darkroom printer. I've never sold a print but have many hanging on friends and family members walls. I guess my love of photography is my only connection to TOP but I think that's enough.

Gray area. :-) In Croatia, as you probably know.

A bit over the age bracket (48, one month more).

Education, now that's funny. I've got a university diploma. Probably BA for you in the USA. But now that they switched to the Bologna, there's talk that they might recognise our diplomas as MA.

Surfing almost always from home. Being a freelancer will do that to you. :)

Interestingly, the TOP readership seems to be generally older than they expect. All this text will do that. :)

Thanks Richard K from the UK - I should have thought so, and have a look at it...


So... 185 countries?? What can i tell you... you're missing 10, my friend, how do you live with yourself?! Maybe you should stop being so lazy and start posting some stuff in swahili, persian, nepali or portuguese (i'm from Brazil, BTW). ;-)

"What can i tell you... you're missing 10, my friend, how do you live with yourself?!"

Yes, the TOP World Dominion Project still has a way to go. But look at it this way--in 2007, it was 56 countries.


Ha! Only 28, and at a coffeeshop!

Interesting. I used Google Analytics to compute not only vocation and nationality of my readers, but also hair color and sexual preferences:


I'm 18 and from Norway. I guess I'm the odd one out.

Right on! An Indian in the US. Reads from home mostly on iPhone. One of my fav sites. Thanks!

Well you got me there ^. But I bet you can't guess how tall I am.

You're just under 5'11".


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