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Wednesday, 29 December 2010


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When I worked at cisco (back when they were still making up their minds about whether they were cisco or Cisco) we were pretty sure that Scott Adams worked there but it turned out he worked at the phone company. Why he kept writing about our projects was a mystery other than the fact that the phone company has no products and thus no product development teams.

On a related note, who here thinks William Shatner actually wrote any of the "Tek War" books?

I'm sure Scott Adams knows who is writing the blog, but as long as it is funny I don't really care who is in fact the author.

Errr, I think I'm really not getting the joke. Before the days of blogs, Scott Adams also wrote a number of books. I mean, I guess there's humor in making a big Shakespeare-mystery out of nothing, but why this target?

Mike, I'm slowly beginning to conclude that you don't have enough to do. My suggestion is that you don some winter clothing, then go out and take some photographs. For instance, take photos of drunks on new year's eve; that's always fun. Just use a telephoto lens and wear good running shoes. Happy new year, and remember, there's no need to rush your technical treatise about the range of Dick Tracy's two-way wrist TV into print.

Oh, and in my experience, graduation from art school does not correlate with a high level of verbal skills. Quite the opposite. Those with verbal skills are predestined to flunk out of art school.

Dear Mike,

It's gotta be Catbert, in my ever-humble opinion.

I don't see how this is off-topic-- you ran a "photo," right?


Dear Hugh,

If you were at c/Cisco *that* early, seems like you gotta know my very-long-time friend, Doug Faunt.

'Twas his van that we drove to Cape Canaveral to photograph the first shuttle launch... and then to Vandenberg to photograph the landing.

pax / Ctein

Clearly the Dilbert Blog is written by Christopher Marlowe.

The name prefaced before Adams perhaps has many variants, in this world, the world we left yesterday and in the world of our futures whatever that may be.

Dilbert's blog is a recent happening as much as the word "blog" itself.

Hence rather than question the sanity of stupidity as exhibited by Dilbert,
perhaps look at a similar strip entitled
"What The Duck!"

Now there is a daily cartoon that makes non-sense of our photographic world.

Oh and maybe if we all looked at ourselves either in the mirror or elsewhere perhaps we shall realize we are all characters in our own comic strip, entitled the Life And Daily Times of:
(insert your name here)

I really couldn't care less. [smile]

Perhaps writing the Dilbert Blog is The Stig's* side job?

* yes, another semi-obscure reference piled on the existing ones. So sue me.

Yes, I think I see your point. I mean, the chicken has every right to cross the road; other creatures of all species cross the road. The chicken quite possibly has legitimate business on the far side of the road. It's not really fair to second-guess or ridicule his motivations. Yes, I think I'm beginning to come around.


Anyone who claims cartoonists don't have to write too many words has obviously never read Subnormality.

For the most extreme example, see here. (warning: The `F-word' is used.)

If you haven't read Jasper Fforde's 'The Eyre Affair' and are into English literature, do so now. In it, bands of Marlowists and Oxfordians roam the streets and knock on doors, desperate to convince non-believers.

Watch out for a Barryist on your street corner with a petition and a nervous twitch.

Conspiracy theory folk clearly have to much time on their hands. They should be made to take up blogging.

The "Majority Douglasite Position" is right. Like Hari Seldon, Adams was/is a prophet before his time. Long live psychohistory!

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