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Friday, 31 December 2010


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Don't have either- you're a cruel, cruel man, Michael C.

My 'Bruce brick' arrived today. It was my Christmas present to myself but arrived a few days late - but, hey, better late than never!
A tip for people who are still looking for a copy - some online shops list it as "Journey of Consciousness" and not "Outside Inside".


I went and saw Bruce Davidson give a little talk about the book in early December. Tried to get him to autograph one of his earlier publications for a friend, it didn't pan out but he was signing and selling some copies that evening.
He said that there were still a few signed copies of the books at various Barns and Nobles - once they are signed the stores can't send them back. Someone asked how to break into the photography biz , and he replied with an observation on how hard it is to find someone who can spot prints, so maybe he's hiring print spotters?

I have been savouring my copy for several months now. I take whichever volume out only when I can sit at my bay window with a nice scotch and slowly browse through page by page. It was even my daily photo for my 365 (concluded today) a few weeks ago.

Interestingly, this was also the #1 book on the Guardian's list in the UK too! Just shows the universal appeal of one of photography's greats.


I am delighted that I was able to tip you, and apparently many of my fellow TOPsters, to the Davidson set, Mike. TOP has certainly tipped me toward (too) many terrific books over the years.

You are so right that one's affinity for a particular photographer's work is often a matter of taste and preference. I tend to find nearly any body of Bruce Davidson's work immersively engaging. If I sit down in a quiet room with, say, "Circus" I cannot easily keep from walking through the whole book.

Completely off topic, of course, but it's 9:00 PM EST on December 31st, so a toast:

A happy, prosperous and safe 2011 to Mike, Ctein, and the whole strange crew of commenters.

Be well,
Scott Paris

I get the Darwin award for not buying the Davidson book. (But I did get the August Sander set.)

You'll give us an early heads-up when they do the reprint, right Mike?

I think I've mentioned this before, but I was able to see the Sander exhibition at the Getty museum a few years back, followed by the Irving Penn exhibition. Both were amazing and such perfect companion exhibitions. If these two shows ever come to a city near you, do yourself a favor and see these beautiful prints in person. Sander is out of this world. He did exactly what the fine art world is after: a body of work that is stylistically cohesive with subtle variations on a common theme... and then there is something to be said for portraiture with a large view camera.

You certainly picked a winning photo to illustrate the article with, Mike. Beautiful!

I am still dithering over the Sander book - by the way, I recommend for those who can reach it, the short loan display at Tate Modern in London, UK [ link here ].

Not so sure about the "I'd like to read this book on Kindle" suggestion from Amazon... [grin]

At Paris (not Hilton I presume): the Darwin award is awarded to people who kill themselves in rather let's say unexpected ways. Since you're typing here I presume you are not eligible for the Darwin award as of yet. You could however get the Darwin award for trying to shelve a copy of Helmut Newton's book on the top shelf of abookcase...gravity and that book are a bad combination.

Greetings, Ed

Mike, I wrote this after your original post:

"Ahh, donations. I can't think of a better way to do that than by immediately clicking the provided links and filling the skies with books on their way to me. Mike, using the results for two-ply toilet tissue or even eBay lenses for cameras you hope to have someday is just fine with me. Go for it!"

And I did order "Outside,Inside" immediately. Unfortunately, it is a long way to Jerusalem, and the box never arrived. By the time I got Amazon to admit that it was lost, there were no second chances. So keep the pressure on for a second edition. In the meantime, I have two of Davidson's Steidl repreints, E 100th Street, all of which have good reproductions, and "Subsistence," which might be greatly improved if cast as a photo essay and printed better.


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