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Thursday, 30 December 2010


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I want one! That is the best looking camera ever...after the titan M9 of course.

Leica Rumors: "The kit is now available at the Leica Boutique in Palm Beach."

Is it unfair to suggest that this, on its own, is a joke?

Eh, it seems to be ostrish skin after all. But the ostrish in question donated its skin freely since it was thus turned into an object of beauty. Now that is something an ostrish rarely experiences. So calling PETA still wont be nescesarry though I would suggest spending the $4,950 on therapy. It is a nice camera without the ostrishe's sacrifice as well. And since member ~6 of Steve Huff's blog has bought a M9 Ti (for a few dollars more) which makes a lot more sence since titanium creates featherlight camera's (as everyone who owns a Nikon F5 can assure you :-)), he was willing to donate his "old" M9 to Steve Huff in order to turn it into a nice price in an upcomming photographic competition.

Eh, the gentleman hiding behind the ~6 is of course British rock star Seal......and yes his Ti Leica can be seen at Steve's site as well.


Greetings, Ed

That's obviously a hoax. Only a Summilux will do for a limited-edition Leica-M...

Have a happy entrance to the New Year, Mike

Hahah, you made my day :-)

Mike, really, you shouldn't have SA'd this one.

Leica as a small company might need the money from such boutigue stuff, but I think they ruin their reputation as a serious cameramaker with it.

Hehehe! Love it!
Surely "the last nail in the coffin of film"?

wait, what? it's too early for April Fool's, right?

Is it April-1 already?

My jaw was on the floor until I noticed the satire alert tag. I think I read the article three times before seeing the punchline.

'Specia edition Leica' - It is awful really really awful, my plain M9 gray looks so much nicer.

Yes, but Leica missed the boat again. I was ready to order a couple - like I always do when I buy Leica cameras (one for the week, one for the weekend, as to separate work and play) - when suddenly it hit me: the ingredients used for the cookies are not organic. It's not certified organic! How dare they charge such a price for a camera coated with some kind of off-the-shelf cookie?!?!

Mike, I'm still hoping for update #4, where you will drop another digit and allow me to buy my first Leica :-)
For $12,950, i have to say i'd take the Pentax 645D. "Would" being hypothetical, of course, since it's still too rich for my blood.
BTW, do you expect to have a hands-on review on that beauty - the 645D, i mean - anytime in 2011?

Whenever Leica launches another special edition, I always have a mental image of the Leica management laughing themselves to bits over the easy money they're making.

I hope it has a sell buy date on it. A vacuum sealed container would also be nice to keep the little cooky eating predators at bay.
Also liquid proof for dunking in milk.

Mike, would you happen to know whether there is an à la carte option for filling the inside with fudge?
Certainly not a camera for doctors this time.


Is there a glutton-free option? (SA*)

Chocolate chip cookie; how timeless, classic, and ultimately safe. Where's the cutting edge in that? The latest rumors indicate that Fuji will release a special edition of the X100 4 months after the initial camera release where the camera's case is a maple and bacon doughnut. Now there's real innovation. And Olympus is trying to break into the high-end luxury market with a red-velvet cake cover for the upcoming E-PL2.

Is Leica's choice of chocolate chip cookie bold for the timelessness or is it too safe?

A cookie camera gives new meaning to 'Leica a la carte'...

Can you confirm that real Icelandic chocolate is used in this edition?


Well, that's a bummer it's not real ostrich leather because I've been looking for the perfect camera to complement my ostrich-leather boots ...

In the words of P. T. Barnam, "There's a sucker born every minute." Who will be the first fool in line for the crumbling cookie Leica? Really, I can't imagine anything more representative of delusions of granduer than this. Any hardware officianado would be repulsed by this display of trite excess.

"We have now been notified that we did indeed slip a digit in the price, but in the other direction, you idiot, the other direction."

ROTFL!!! Certainly an easy mistake to make. And another perfect example of why I enjoy your site so much!

Would there be negative side effects if I dipped my hands in ice-cold milk before taking my test shots?

Suddenly, I'm hungry.

So it is not weather sealed à la Pentax K-5 ? Oh well, I'll skip buying one this time.
Talking of the K-5, we still don't know which lens you chose. Maybe you don't have a lens for it and that's why you haven't used it yet, bad weather being an excuse.

Only $12,950.00? How much is it with tax??? Will wonders never cease? And other cliches. Happy New to everyone.

With best regards to all,


This isn't a camera, it's a focal point for corporate performance art. The manufacturer, purchaser and all those who form an opinion about the camera are participants the art. The price of the camera is an integral part of the art making. Brilliant!

After second reading, I believe I've just been had. The troubling thing, however, is that some of us wouldn't put it past Leica to do something like this especially after the Nieman Marcus nonsense.

Wonder if it can match the A55 on DXO.

It's too early for April Fool's Day nonsense like this. Surely you can't be serious.

We apologise for the fault in the subtitles prices. Those responsible have been sacked.

We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles prices. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked.

The directors editors of the firm TOP hired to continue after the other people had been sacked, wish it to be known that they have just been sacked.

Would I spend $13,000 for this M9 to
match it to my 24mm lens/$6000,my 24mm
viewfinder/$760,my Leica carrying strap/$190,
and my Leica handgrip/$250?
No way. For god's sake! Fake leather?
It would make my outfit look cheap.

"I'm still hoping for update #4, where you will drop another digit and allow me to buy my first Leica :-)"

Wouldn't work. As I've written before, I don't think the M9 would sell at $1,295--too cheap. Not enough people would want one. Only as a Veblen Good does it prosper; and all is right with the world.

"BTW, do you expect to have a hands-on review on that beauty - the 645D, i mean - anytime in 2011?"

Actually, we sort of do, although it hasn't been confirmed yet.


But Mike, it includes a lens, a Leica lens, which we know is the bestest lens ever. I think more reporting is in order, though: Leica denies using ostrich leather (one wonders what the cows think about this distinction), while Neiman Marcus claims that its overpriced Leica is covered in that very stuff.

"Can you confirm that real Icelandic chocolate is used in this edition?"

Dear me, it's the finest GERMAN chocolate, of course. Neither Icelandic nor Swiss nor anything but German. Perish the thought.


Is there an extra charge for American Hersheys instead of the European Nestles?

Isn't it a little late in the year for an April Fools gag?

Hmmm; if PETA is bugging them about Ostrich leather, maybe they should start using it. They're ranch-raised domesticated animals these days, it should be easily available (in fact, I wonder why they haven't used the real thing).

Has Leica become the Franklin Mint of cameras?

The camera is in mint condition

Oh, can I get that skin for my Iphone?

Sadly, only 49 are left, after Homer Simpson ate the one which his wealthy employer had purchased.

This news caused the resale value of all remaining chocolate chip M9s to immediately double.

At $12,950 I can get at least 11 Fuji X100s. I think I'll wait and take my chances.

Plus I prefer Fig Newtons.

Oh, you funny guy, you!

But ya do have a point; these "bragging rights" Leicas really are starting to get beyond merely silly. I mean, you KNOW most of these will never be used to do what they're made to do--they'll likely sit around on a shelf in some gotrocks' mansion, who'll pull it out every now and them to tell their friends, "See this? It cost me $_____!" Sort of like owning one of those $20,000.00 German shotguns:theylook great in the display case--and that's where they'll stay....

The $22K M9 Titan is really the epitome of this. The only good part of these "boutique cameras" is that they bring in plenty of revenue for Leica's R&D Department.

"The camera is in mint condition"

Oh, I was just waiting for the first mint chocolate chip joke!


Now, that is one delicious camera

I trust the included edition of Lightroom comes without a crop tool.

It's too early for April Fool's Day nonsense like this. Surely you can't be serious.

Posted by: cw | Thursday, 30 December 2010 at 08:36 AM

Don't call him Shirley!!!

I got mine way cheaper from Betty Crocker!
And the chocolate chips, are they from Hershey's?
German chocolate cannot really compete, bro!

Need to account for the icing on the cookie...$3000 (for the lens), $2950* extra for the cookie.

*Update two should have, incorrectly, read $5950.

Note also that sapphire glass came standard with the M8.2...new isn't always an improved recipe.

Oh, and seriously: real or fake, those bumps on ostrich leather give me the creeps.

I'd have to re-cover it with Griptac.

Oh, I was just waiting for the first mint chocolate chip joke!


I'm waiting for them to appear for sale on eBay. Of course they will be described as 'minty.'


I tried to order one through your links but neither Amazon nor B & H have it in stock....

: )

Leica people have always enjoyed customizing their cameras with all sorts of weird stuff -- you can even peel the famous Red Dot off the front of the cameras, and replace it with a custom Black Dot. Putting on a new skin is actually fairly inexpensive, and the Leica versions are never the most radical. For some seriously different looks, including genuine crocodile, see here:


I think Leica has hit on something. I think for an encore they should buy up all available Argus C3s and do them the same way but at 1/2 the going price for the Leica; a real bargain.

Mmm...Chocolate chip cookie...[chomp chomp]...Doh!

Heck, this one is a bargain. One can get the "Needless Markup" edition for $17,500, i.e., an additional $4550...http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/sitelets/christmasbook/fantasy.jhtml?cid=CBF10_O4835

Of course with this version one gets a signed letter from the CEO, personal delivery and a training session. I wonder if the training relates to use of the camera or a lesson in common sense.

The number of people who, in seriousness or in jest, did not acknowledge that this was satire make me glad that I am not yet wealthy enough to be tempted by a camera with Veblen value. I wear clothes from J.C. Penney, drive Hondas, shoot with an Oly, and process the photos on ugly computers that lack the magic apple-shaped logo. May I, and my pragmatic brethren, never buy a camera that could be plausibly conceived by a pastry chef!

I want one wrapped in a cream puff.

Great camera. Love this one.

I have a Zeiss Ikon Contessa camera in it's original leather case. There is also an additional lens inside the case. It appears to be an older camera however it is in excellent condition. I have had it for many years. I am looking for it's value and am considering selling it.
Can anyone help me with any info on this camera?
Thank you
Linda Munroe
witchrafts13@ comcast .net

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