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Thursday, 02 December 2010


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Hmm, and Fred Miranda's site was down for most of yesterday until late on in the day.


Thanks for passing that on - I've been trying every port I can find with no luck.

Patience, patience.....

I just tried to load L-L and it didn't load, so I came here to see if today was one of those days when you have a second post and not only do you, it's relevant to the very previous site I tried to visit!

Congratulations on finally achieving a state of effective prognostication. I'm sorry it's over such a lackluster topic as "a random reader's surfing habits."

No wonder. I usually check out LuLa first thing in the morning, couldn't load a thing today. Thanks for the news!

Good luck to Michael and LuLa, hope all will be fine soon.


"Hmm, and Fred Miranda's site was down for most of yesterday until late on in the day.


Must be cyber-fallout from Kuwait DSLR-gate. All the photo websites had better get their backups in line!

Pentaxforums was hacked. Not related?

>>cyber-fallout from Kuwait DSLR-gate<<

More likely part of the effort to shut down Wikileaks - after all, it's well known that photographers are subversives.

First they came for our MF backs...

They really should test their backups.

L-L, Fred Miranda, and WikiLeaks all on the same day. Hmm, indeed.

Folio Link websites are down too.

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