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Thursday, 16 December 2010


Hey, very interesting article, Bill. I've never touched one of these cameras but knew they are rich with history.

One additional fun fact on the subject: Laben Deardorff's great granddaughter, Julie Deardorff, writes a health column for the Chicago Tribune.

Great history. And the word "art" never appeared. That's the Chicago that I am so proud of.

For start-ups today who think that getting a product to market's difficult ....

Wonderful letter. It is so refreshing, the straight forward, concrete language and description and absolutely no hype, no hyperbole, no self congratulatory publicist talk. You can just about see the hands on the steel and metal, forming it into a camera, through clouds of steam from the maker's own breath in the freezing indoor chill.

I've walked past a zillion times and never knew the history of that building. It's condos now.

"Now Laban you shouldn't have done that; those photographer fellows go into a dark room when they do their work, and people that's honest do their work out in the light."
Always knew those "traditional" analogue types were up to some badness or other in the darkroom, not like us "honest" digital people.

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