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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


One more reason TOP is among the first five websites of my Bookmark Bar...thanks for posting this.
I myself moved from Albany to Troy (and back and forth a few times, with Schenectady tossed in a couple of times) between 1990 and 2004. Honestly, Ms. Kenneally's work is spot-on. The tri-city area, including Troy/Albany/Schenectady, can be the most sad and wonderful slice of American life simultaneously.
...and great photographers come from there as well.

I remember reading Stephen Mayes article about how repetitive the World press entries are

"From the infinity of human experience the list of subjects covered by the entrants would fill a single page, and (excluding sports as a specialist area) could be reduced even to three lines:

- The disposed and the powerless
- The exotic
- Anywhere but home (the American election would be one of the exceptions to this rule….)"

It was the Anywhere but home line that I most remembered and it immediately sprang to mind when Brenda spoke about having no desire to go to another country

Some people don't understand how you can be from a tough place and have very little but still love and care about it. To be proud to come from a place with little to offer other than struggle. A place that you may one day get to leave but never leaves you. Mines never left me...

You can see it's never left Brenda

I second Geoff's opinion of Ms. Kenneally's work documenting the drug culture in and around New York City -- among the best photojournalism I've ever seen.

She is not unknown (she's won several important photojournalism awards over the years, and gotten the odd Guggenheim etc.), but I think she's underknown -- doesn't have the wider reputation she deserves given the quality of her work (or at least that used to be true back in 2005 or so when I first came across her; maybe it's changed since then).

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