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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


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Voigtländer "E-messer". Tiny camera for a negative the size of almost an entire parking lot (6x9). And it is really sharp if stopped down and focused properly.

My daughter's currently got my G9 OS and I'm missing it to bits.

The Contax G2, just about everything you need in a tiny kit.

I've owned lots of cameras over the years, from high-end SLRs to little digicams. For a long time, I favored my Chinon Belami as a travel camera - small, quick, discrete. But I've never put as many miles on a camera as quickly as I have with my Canon G11. No, it's not the smallest of small, but it slips over my shoulder and vanishes when I'm traveling. Fabulous resolution, great color, snappy reflexes, great build quality, good high-ISO. What's not to love?

Love? No.

But, I do carry a small camera, I'm on my second Canon Elph, often on my belt. So, while not loved, it is the best camera much of the time. But, the truth is that I want a small camera with a better sensor than the little Canons currently sport.

Three decades ago, and more, I did the Pentax SV, it taught me so much, and then I added the Spotmatic. After they were stolen, Olympus entered my life. An OM-2n, and then (here we go again) an XA. The XA was so stylish and cool; I loved the style and the design. But, as a camera it was the only the OM that I loved.

Today, when I pull out the OM-2n (in need of seals on the door), it does look really small compared to my D700. But, it leaks light, and it makes me use film. I am pretty well done with film. I do love what the Nikon D700 can do, and I love my tripod very much, but that also is not small.

So, today I shoot the Canon SD700 IS pretty often, but I cannot say that I love it. No, I definitely do not love it. It is my best camera by virtue of proximity. Like a Swiss Army knife in one's pocket. Not the best tool for almost anything, except when it is the only tool one has.

I think the next small camera I might love will likely be that mythical, pocketable, camera which you, Mike, have been asking about, or its first cousin.

Leica F (Leica III if you prefer) with 50/2.8 Elmar collapsible.
Sigma DP1/DP2

With trepidation, I submit:

From last Sunday with my new LX5 - Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.

This one

My Panasonic Lumix TZ1, the first of the pocket-superzooms, from 2006. It just fits in my jeans pocket ("is that a camera or are you just happy to see me?"), it's very sturdy and makes great pictures. I also loved my very first camera, a fully manual Agfa Parat 1 halfframe I bought in 1966. And my Pentax ME Super, but I guess I didn't love it enough: I sold it...

Three that I have and use regularly. Nikon 28ti, Canon G10, and my M6 with 35mm Summicron for B+W. All superb results in their given areas of strength.

Love is not too strong a word to use for my Leica CL, which I bought new in 1975 and intend to be buried with. Sherry Krauter CLA'd the body and the 40mm Summicron in 2005, so I'm expecting it to be good for another 30 years beyond that. And I can't believe I'm the first person to mention this camera (the CLE doesn't count. Not the same camera, not matter the mount.)

I love my Pen EED, but when I want to go really small, I load my Pen EE. Its size and fixed focus and programmed exposure and half-frame-extended-goodness makes me extra snap happy. Makes me feel like I'm a tourist on vacation even though I'm just walking to work. And like I've stepped back into a simpler time.

Olympus XA
Olympus Stylus Epic mju-II
Rollei 35S

Still waiting for a digital that can stack up, particularly in terms of responsiveness.

C O N T A X. T

Real Viewfinder
Aperture priority (+ adjustable ISO)
Shutter lag same as leica MP
Manual focus

(I'd pick the minolta tc-1 if it weren't so noisy)

For film, the Olympus Stylus Epic and for digital, my Canon SX100IS (it's not the smallest camera by any stretch but that 10X zoom covers a lot of ground).

I'd love to get my hands on a Canon S90/S95.

Contax T-3

Still looking for the digital equivalent of it!

E-P1 with 20mm Panasonic and the LX-3 are close, but not quite.

I have owned, used and liked many of the small cameras mentioned here. There are many good ones.

Konica Hexar AF.

Digitals like the Canon S95 and m4/3 are great, but I couldn't say I love them.

Canon S90. I use it for everything. What dslr?

Another vote for the Canon s90:

I carry it with me everywhere. I love to experiment with it.

Ricoh GR-Dii and M9.


Canon S90, with the Franiec Grip and the control wheel knurled ring to reduce the tendency of the control wheel to move randomly. Small, Light, decent battery life, rudimentary video, great stills, raw files and good out of camera JPG. Manual controls!

Well, my big camera is a Whole Plate Improved Seneca View, so that colors my idea of small.

I had an XA that I loved. I dropped it on my honeymoon and messed it up good. Ruined the negs too. It was replaced with a Stylus Epic that I never came to love like I did the XA. I dropped the Stylus Epic in the parking lot of the hospital where my first son was born. That took care of that!

My favorite small film camera is my Dad's old Pentax MX with the 40mm Pancake.

My favorite small view camera is a 4x5 Walker Titan SF.

Another vote for the Olympus XA. Runner-up, probably Pentax MX.

Minox 35EL. I got one of these in the mid 70's. The camera's size and picture quality soon caused my wife to leave her AE1 at home when we traveled.

My favorite in this space though would be the Contax T3. While bigger and heavier than the Minox, the built-in flash and the better build quality and reliability gives it the nod.

from largest to smallest:

Pentax ME super with 43mm ltd lens
Olympus XA2
Panasonic FX150

And of course the Fuji X100 - I remember it being fantastic every morning when I wake up :)

Olympus mju/Stylus 790SW
It is small (jeans pocket) and doesn't break – it's even watertight. Image quality in low light leaves something to be desired, but this camera is about being there when it happens, not taking great images on a tripod. I took mine with me on a half-year sailing trip and while three other cameras in my crew failed, mine always worked.
You might not regard it as a "real camera", but I do…

Zorki 3M with a collapsible Summicron 50mm and good exposure guide

Chrome Bronica ETRS with 60mm lens, waist level finder and Sekonic L-208 Twin-Mate meter

Some might say small is in the eye of the beholder!

Here are my loved ones:

Rollei 35S - engineering marvel, great optics, quiet, weird idiosyncratic upside down back to front design.
Olympus MJU II - the ultimate tiny point and shoot, autofocus with spot focusing and great lens
Olympus XA - no quite so loved, a bit plasticky and the controls are not a joy to use, but a unique camera
Minox GL - the least loved, but still fun and good quality optics.

Haven't really loved a small digital, but the G11 comes closest - it was used to take this photo

Leica CL - maybe it's a bit big, especially with the accessory finder, (it usually has the 40mm Summicron attached). However although objectively not much smaller than an M3/4/6/7 it certainly feels a lot smaller.

Olympus Stylus Epic - sadly mine has a light leak around the lens.

Kodak S100 - Don't laugh. It's like loving one of those Time-Life freebie cameras, I know. But...I really like it. 3 apertures, 1 shutter speed. Only needed batteries for the flash. Too bad I let some batteries rot inside and now the flash doesn't work...

Canonet QL17 GIII still going strong.

Canon A80 - My first digital camera, but it's not here for nostalgic reasons. Had I not dropped it one too many times it would still be in use today.

I'm rough on cameras apparently.

Film: Nikon FM2n - everything I could want in a film camera - tough, small, light, plenty of small manual focus lenses available.

Digital: I'm still looking for something I really like. I get by with Canon T2i and 5DII but really just want an FM2n with a full-frame sensor, RAW capture, manual focus lenses and a self-timer. I continue to find it weird that nobody can seem to make one.

I second the motion for Rollei 35S.
Very original. Small, yes, but the film ran backwards. All the pictures were upside down compared with my Nikon. Nothing but scale focusing. And the meter was very simple.
But what a lens! 2,8/40 Sonnar. And sturdy.
Soon after I got it it fell out of my shirtpocket down on concrete from about 1,5 meter (that is 5 feet for you americans). Got a big dent next to the finder. Did it work anyway? Yes, it did!

For film the SWC is just about perfect, and I love my Minolta Autocord. They seem pretty small all things considered, always wanted to get a Plaubel 67. If you were wearing the right clothes the the SWC and the Plaubel were pocket sized.

For digital, I spent an hour or so at Photo Expo playing around with the Sony nex 3 with the lensbaby tilt adapter and a Nikkor 28mm and I'm seriously infatuated. The nex 5 shutter release is too awkward. The iPhone 4 is pretty loveable I know someone who bought it specifically to use as a camera.

My Canon ftb. Built like a finely machined bolt action rifle, and with a 50mm lens, fairly small.

Olympus XA (think mine was XA3)

Small enough to go anywhere

I was sick of carrying an SLR around and ended up not taking any pictures. I bought it used on a whim and suddenly enjoyed photography again

can't say that I have ever had another camera that I LOVED

Is that retro enough for TOP ?

Small is a relative term. My favorite camera is my Technikardan 45, it is small compared to an 8x10 or ULF camera ...
Even smaller, the Bessa III. Perfect for travel.
And for 35mm (which I rarely use anymore), my old Olympus OM 3/4, especially with the 90mm f/2 macro lens..

Gotta go with my everyday- my black Nikon FG w/20mm. The body is probably smaller than a Leica M (what I really lust for)- but it does have a ratcheted, double jointed advance lever just like the M (and greater framing accuracy at less than one tenth the cost).

I guess the important question is:
small-er than what?

Anyways, here are the ones I've loved:
1- Zeiss ZM
2- Pana FT2
3- Nikon FM3A
and growing rapidly in my appreciation:
Oly E-PL1 - this is an amazing camera, with the VLF2 I can see myself forgetting all the others!

Love - Olympus Pen E-P1 with Lumix 20mm f/1.7. The in camera stabilisation makes it worth its weight in gold to me.

Like - Canon S90. Decent pictures and it's so tiny.

LG KU 990, aka "Viewty".
Spectacular cameraphone.

Digital - Sigma DP2
Film - Minox 35GT
love em both, but one is now retired!

Fuji F30
Big detail in these 6 mp files...and ISO 100 to 400 is similar...with this compact, one can "actually" shoot at 400

Panasonic LX3

Olympus 35S II and its sister Wide S, probably the best fixed lens rangefinders ever made. I also recently had a Leica Digilux 2, and it's a spectacular camera with a cult following despite its age and flaws.

I already love the Fujifilm X100 and is not even made yet ...

Also love that George Thorogood & the Destroyers' version.

Three small cameras that delivered the goods for me, with very little effort:

Olympus Trip (with new foam)
Canonet 1.9 G-III

and my first digital camera:

Leica Digilux 4.3

For its day, miracles went on inside that camera (lost it!).

Olympus XA2 small effective and cheap it even uses film!

I kinda feel like a Leica M might be a bit too large for the category, but perhaps what constitutes small depends a lot on how big your large camera is. A Canon 5D might be an 8x10 toting landscape photographers small camera. Anyway, I'll put a vote in for my M6, it even fits my coat pocket beautifully with the tiny 28/2.8 asph.

As for tiny cameras, I love the Oly Trip35. It's odd in a way only Asian cameras can be odd, with the little symbols for focusing, the scale on the bottom, and god knows how it decides on a shutter speed. But the lens is sharp, it's fast because you can't reliable set anything anyway, and sometimes it just manages to put out something beautiful.

D700 + 85G. Anything less (S90/G7/T5) and I'm left wanting, regretting, wishing. Even so, I double guess not having 70-200 on. But then again, I do prefer to isolate lately, both in DoF and selective background which teles afford, so...

iPhone is cool, but can one really love its puny (dis)abilities? Only to prove to a friend that you did see see Bill Gates on that bus stop. 'Bout it, Jarvis notwithstanding.

Olympus C-3000 Camedia. 3Mp I think. Slow as heck. But this camera began my quest to pursue photography. Lost it sometime when my kids were old enough to use it. I took it to Japan on a trip. It was limiting to use because of its short battery life and its storage capacity. But I got wonderful photos out of it as long as I was patient. Here's some photos from that distant trip: http://picturejournals.com/?p=75.

My Panasonic LX3. I have taken about 140,000 photographs with it in two years and two months.

I've enjoyed:
Olympus 35RC
Rollei 35

I loved/love:
Olympus Stylus Epic (MJUii)
Canon S90
Both of these don't just fit a pocket, they fit a jeans pocket. Means you can take them anywhere.

Currently waiting for my first new mobile phone in about 5 years (because my last one is finally falling apart) - Nokia N8 - it looks as if it has a serious camera fitted - with a sensor the same size as a compact camera.

Olympus Pen S, the full manual, 35mm half frame, non metered viewfinder camera with the 28mm f3.5 lens.

After that, the Pen F or FV.

What can I say, I'm a 18X24mm nut.

Bessa L and the little Snapshot Skopar 25/4. Just a wonderful street machine. Lets you get in REAL close and not miss a thing with all that DOF!

The version with the Band from The Last Waltz concert is very good.

Best small camera... most be my Holga and the GF1 whit the 20/1.7

Fufijilm Finepix F30. I got it after getting loads of information, and was not disappointed: great pictures, excellent for low light, small and convenient.

All I need when I can not bring my Pentax K10D with me.

Konica AA35 (half frame)
Canon MC
Fujifilm Natura
Konica S3


Olympus XA3.

Have you seen "When You're Strange"? Astounding vintage colour film footage of The Doors.

It starts with an incredibly irritating 5 minute imagined sequence, narrated by Johnny Depp, but soon settles into its stride.

Makes the late '60s look a very alarming and dangerous place.

My favourite small cameras:

Olympus XA and XA4
Voigtlander Vito B

I'd say that there's two categories for my submission:

1. Cameras that I've used and owned
- M6 Classic or MP (new): I'm sure you've got plenty of an opinion on this already.
- Minolta Hi-Matic AF2: An excellent compact camera with a fixed lens with a great viewfinder
- Olympus Mju-II / Stylus Epic: Small rugged camera with an excellent lens
- Ricoh GR Digital: Infuriatingly slow camera, but loved the interface.

2. Cameras that I've wanted to use but never have (and hope to still)
- Nikon 35Ti: Wonderful build, size, and quality
- Rollei 35
- Ricoh GR1 (yes the film version)

I'd say that all of these had something a little bit "eccentric" about them, but things in common: a great user experience through build quality, viewfinder, shutter release, film loading / transport, and sound.


Yet another Canon S90 fan. Small, easy to use, RAW capability, takes good photos for its class. Of course, the S95 is a similar but somewhat improved model.

Leica M6 w 50 'cron. What else is there? (I'm not really a Leica snob, I just HAD to say it...)

Easy question:)

In size order

Ricoh GX200/100, usually with a 35mm optical finder and set in 3:2 (B&W) raw mode. These relatively cheap and practically identical cameras have given me as many pictures that I really like as any. I haven't really bonded with my wife's LX5 yet.

Zeiss Ikon, usually with 2/35 Biogon. The nicest camera to use I have. Great viewfinder and just the right size/weight with the Zeiss grip.

Leica M9, usually with 2/35 Biogon. So close to being a digital Ikon and much, much better than I expected. Needs a Thumbs Up or a grip if you've got hands like mine.

Canon 1Ds3 - nah....


"What, not who."

Though we entirely miss the point, the pedants among us might argue "whom, not who". :-)

For me, it's the Pentax MX - my first real camera, back when it was new. Recently reacquired one, with the 40mm pancake. Love is possibly not too strong a word.

The other candidate is the Voigtlander CLR from 1960. Never even saw one at the time, but something about its design and style reminds me of my childhood.

Minox 35 EL/GL/GT - true gems.

Full frame, 35mm f2.8 lens that folds into the body and is as sharp as anything ever made by Leica or Zeiss. Manual guestimation focus or hyperfocal distance.

Aperture priority (via aperture ring on the lens barrel) with +1EV from a button on top, with fully adjustable ASA setting on bottom (also used for exposure compensation). Shutter speed in viewfinder via needle. Very fast operations once you learn how to handle the removable back while changing film.

When the Olympus XA came out, I bought one for the rangefinder, but found it was bulky compared to the Minox, and couldn't do decent night shots (limited to 30 sec). After doing half hour shots with the Minox of a starlit lake (had a CdS meter that just sat there counting photons indefinitely), I felt the XA was not for me, and sold it and continued with the Minox.

I greatly miss the ability to take razor sharp pictures in the dark with a camera that sags my shirt pocket only a little. I'd happily pay a DSLR price for a digital equivalent.

I like them all (and I have a bunch) but my favorite is the Ricoh GRDIII. I took me fours to buy it (no zoom, very high price) but to me it is the best.

My little Mamiya 35 S2 fixed lens rangefinder. It's a gem.

been through a few small one,s Minox, Ricoh Gr1, Fuji Z1, Nikon P5000 but currently Leica X1 with viewfinder, comes with me everywhere, like anything you love some aspects drive you crazy, but the results make it worthwhile

Minox 35 and the Rollei 35 (with the marvelous Sonnar 40 mm), then the Leica M3 (M4/M6) with the Simmicron 50 mm collapsable.
BTW, does the K7/K5 (+ the DA 21 mm) fits in the small cameras league too?

sub-reflex: Olympus XA (still carrying it 25 years on)

reflex: OM1, OM4 (but I'm not sure that's what you're asking about)

Tried to love: XA4, Canon G10 (verdict still out on the latter)

I've got an S90 that's pretty much always with me. I like it a lot. Loving is too strong a word, for that it would maybe need a viewfinder, but most of all a hot-shoe (of course not to stick a flash ON it, that would be silly, but to attach one via TTL-cable. For me, that would make it one heck of a street-photography-camera).

I do love my Canon A1. I realize that's stretching the definition of »small« a bit, but I mostly work with a 5D MkII, and in comparison it's positively tiny.

  • Olympus 410 with 25mm pankcake lens.
  • Holga 120 GN plus close up filters.

Both of these cameras fit in my coat pocket, so I usually have one of them with me.

Yashica Electro GX. Lightweight and small enough to fit in a coat's pocket. Okay, looks a bit bumpy. But hey, I'm too old to pose around as a fotomodel. Olympus XA is smaller, but a bit of a love-hate-relation, same as Minolta AF-C. Both very pocketable, but XA isn't really made for wide open, and AF-Cs AF is a gamble when it comes to infinity - sometimes it's way off, sometimes spot on.

The Yashica Electro 35 GX has a very, very good 40/1.7 lens, a decent rangefinder, fits leica-like in my hand and sports an aperture-priority autoexposure. Only real complaint: You can't switch that auto off. So for night and indoors photography, my most beloved small camera at moment is an older-than-me soviet Zorki 3M with a do-it-yourself-adapted Minolta 50/2. It's not exactly small. It's hefty. Exactly what I need for longer shutter speeds.

No digital so far. I need a real viewfinder. I love smaller dof.
I'm better in b&w than in color.
So much about love.

The oldest of my Leicas - the IIIa. It's to cameras what the Curta is to calculators, or the Nagra is to tape recorders.
And, for sentimental reasons, my father's 1930s Certo Dolly, which is still working perfectly and gets fed a roll of 127 every so often.

Film Leica M7

Digital Canon S95 a real top pocket always with me camera that shoots raw.

I have an Olympus OM-10 that I got at a yard sale for less than $10. It's remarkably compact and a joy to carry along on a trip.

Leica III's and Leica M's; Olympus OM1 to 4. All great, pity Olympus let the digital side down.

Rollei 35. The first camera I have used.

A Canon A2000IS. It fits in a a shirt pocket, lens zooms to 200mm eq.(I like long lenses), and has good image quality for a pocketable digicam. I wish it had a viewfinder, but since I got it free as a safety award from my employer, I can't really complain. The only time it's not with me is when I'm out working with my DSLR.

I wrote this on another site one night after a few drinks, so forgive me reusing it here, but I don't think I can improve on it!

Frankly, I messed around with countless other smaller-than-an-SLR digital cameras over the years, the list goes something like Canon G3 / Fuji F11 / Ricoh GR-D / Canon G9 / Leica D-Lux 4 / Canon S90 - and that's quite aside from the 7 SLR bodies! I can say to you in all honesty, if I'd found & bought an Epson R-D1 in the first place, I would never have bothered with any of them. (Apart from the SLRs, that is.)

If you like control over depth of field, this is your camera. If you like vintage lenses, this is your camera. If you like feeling like you've achieved something - simply by remembering all the steps, winding / stopping down / setting the shutter speed & ISO / focussing, THEN capturing the moment you were doing all that for; this is your camera.

I liken it to why I enjoy driving a manual car: when you nail it, when the downshift is perfect and smooth halfway round a corner, or when a perfectly crisp & exposed image pops up on the LCD and you know YOU did it - not the AF / AE / AISO system in the camera...well, that's why we all got into photography, right? To capture those moments that fly past us, through a bizarre mix of skill, luck, persistence, determination, practice and timing.

Love it.

Ricoh GR Digital III and Rollei 35T

Panasonic LX3. Although its zoom range is limited, shooting with a prime is limited as well. Like an earlier commenter, it's been all over the world with me, especially useful when a larger camera would draw attention. Image and video quality are great. Exceptionally durable too. While no one seems to like the clip-on lens cap, it has helped save the lens from an exceptional amount of wear and tear in my travels.

I see I am not the only one to love my Olympus XA. Recently I "discontinued" it in favour of a Contax 139 with Tessar 45/2.8 (small love this, too).
I find the optics of the XA very sharp but, unfortunately, with too much vignetting at all apertures.

In order of increasing size..

Canon Demi EE17 (half frame)
Minolta Hi-Matic F
Contax 139

And I suppose I should mention my Canon G10 but that's digital so doesn't really count as a camera.


Bessa L with 25mm Snapshot-Skopar.

Ricoh GXR 50mm, greatest compact digital, only bad thing was slow auto focus which is now corrected with latest firmware, and new modules are coming - 28mm just got released and probably m-mount next year

My Nikon 35Ti has been to hell and back with me. I think it's the nicest looking camera in the world, too.

Sticking with camera/lens combinations that fit in a back pocket:

  • Pentax MX with 40mm f/2.8 SMC-M. Brilliant little combination with a viewfinder to die for, and a joy to use.
  • Leica M3 with 50mm f/2.8 Elmar. Not the fastest to get into action, but always a pleasure to take out and about. Also great when teamed up with the wee Voigtlander 28mm f/3.5.
  • Olympus Trip 35. Great lens, neat camera, and so simple that my four-year-old son can use it.
  • Olympus OM-2N. Same good points as the MX, with autoexposure to boot.
  • Nikon F3HP. Worth getting bigger pockets for. ;-)

wow, more than 100 comments and no mention of the Sigma DP's... (no love for Sigma apparently :)

For me it's the Sigma DP2.
Granted, it's a love/hate relationship. But it's the first digital camera I ever got emotional about :)

I love my Voigtlander Bessa R3A (w/ the 40mm f1.4 nokton lens).

I don't love my E-P1, even though I use it a lot.

Yashica Micro Finesse. Very sharp Yashica 33mm f/3.5 lens. Simple 35mm auto-focus P&S that fits in ones pocket. Perhaps one of the last cameras Yashica produced. Bought mine new/old stock for $15, then found a second used one for $40. Accurate auto-focus and exposure. Killer lens.

Olympus EP1 With Panasonic 20mm,a wonderful
available darkness camera.Mike,if you get
one of these or the EP2 body for your panasonic 20 your camera shake worries are over.

Panasonic GF1
Olympus RC

Nikon Coolpix S1 - the first camera I ever owned. Also, one of the first affordable "super-compact" digicams. No extending lens. Fit inside a deck of cards. Complain about the technical quality all you want, I always had this with me.

I loved the GR1 series of film cameras. 28mm focal length, and that so slim and well-built body.

Also, a soft spot for the Optio S series cameras; primarily for sentimental reasons more than anything else.

I consider the Micro Four Thirds cameras and their ilk to be too large for small cameras. This includes the Sony NEX, since it's not quite so small with the lens.

The iPhone 4.


The Cosina SLR, in all of it's myriad variations.

I've owned the Ricoh KR-5sv, Nikon FM10, Olympus OM2000, Yashica FX-3 and Cosina CS-1 variations of this over the years (along with the closely related Voigtlander Bessa R). Sure it's a little plasticky but it combines a decent viewfinder, an excellent shutter and meter and a quite compact body into a low-cost package (sadly it's usually kitted with an awful 35-70 zoom that's not even usable as a paperweight).

My favourite version has to be the OM2000 for the added spot metering.

Easily the Olympus OM-1. I've said it before, but give me this camera with a good full-frame digital sensor and maybe an LCD on the back and I'd be done forever. A beautiful example of camera design at its finest.

I'd have to say Canon Powershot G series -- which is why I'm so often writing about it/them in my blog, http://lightdescription.blogspot.com/

Current favorite is the latest: G12.

I still miss my Olympus Om2n

Pentax MX + SMC Pentax-M 1:2.8 40mm pancake.

If anyone is still reading, I love my
Contax G1. I planned to get a G2 if I liked the G1, but I liked it so much I never saw a reason to upgrade. None of that stealthy Leica stuff for me - everyone should know when you are focusing and when the film is advancing! I really liked, though did not truly love, my Canon G9 until it died. And, since I don't remember anyone mentioning the Sigma DP2s, I will say that there was at least one thing I loved about that camera in addition to its size - that Foveon image quality!

Stylus Epic turns up a lot, I see, and it's no wonder. Mine is broken, but I can't bring myself to toss it away.

I wanted to love the Rollei 35, but couldn't. Same with the Olympus 35RC, wanted to love it too, but in the end, it was just infatuation.

The Pentax MX came close to love. Very close.

I had a fling with a Fuji f31fd, but it was only physical, nothing lasting.

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