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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


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For me, it has to be a Spotmatic! No other camera that I own feels as good as the Spotmatic Its just natural in its operation and I can pick it up and start using it right away - no refresher required.

Bob Rapp

Hello Mike,
"Who do you love" is (also) a great song from the doors on their divine album: Absolutely Live. One, if not the best live album ever. There is everything you can expect from such recording: after 40 years listening to it, the record remain fresh, full of rock and magic like new! Despite the fact two of the 4 performer are dead; and probably half of the audience.
Greetings from Vienna
p.s: the comment is a little bit of topic, i know.

Dear Mike;
I didn´t post anything as I´ve recently found deep down I possess an incurable hatred towards cameras. It´s all because of my irremediable refusal to adapt to a camera´s idiosyncrasies, every camera has something which drives me crazy. So for the last ten years I´ve been changing frequently from one camera body to another hoping for something which I now know will never happen unless I learn to build one myself.

"I've found that deep down I possess an incurable hatred of cameras."

My problem is the opposite of Paul's: rarely have I met a camera about which I didn't find multiple things to like, and thus I couldn't single out only one or two cameras for this exercise.

Old, new, film, digital, European, Asian, American, small-format, medium-format, large-format, homely, utilitarian, shiny, or sleek: they are all instruments of magic. Absolute magic. No medieval wizard could have dreamed of doing what millions of people do with a camera countless times a day.

No camera is perfect, but each has its gifts. Fortunately, one need not limit oneself to only one (especially with shiny old film cameras, which sell for a song but are endlessly rewarding...).

My 2cents, the cameras I refuse to stop using
Oly c7000z, Contax t2, Contax TVS digital with serious usability problems, G9, Panasonic tz1 "tizzy" super lens.

Still love My OM1n and Pentax MX with 50 1.7m.

I can`t understand why no one mentioned the Samsung WB2000.
I think it is the photography`s best kept secret.
The little digicam is Wonderfull, speedy, spots RAW and great high iso images.
The best cameras these days come from non camera manufacturers.

My all-time fave "Who Do You Love?" is the Ronnie Hawkins version on The Band's Last Waltz LP.

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