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Saturday, 13 November 2010


Lovely subdued colours in the Eric Ogden portrait. It´s the sort of colour palette I´m always striving for and never reach.
I also like Lydia Panas group portraits, actually been following her work for a couple of weeks.

IMO these are mostly not portraits -- they are snapshots.

Eric Ogden is very competent, technically speaking. He is an artist whose "mis en scéne" is perfect. I will profer my best compliment for him: HE IS HONEST.

The left foot isn't captured on the image.

Was it shot on a Canon?

To me it has that look - kind of like painting by {very small} numbers.

Not that it is unappealing, just that it doesn't immediately look like a photograph to me.

This stopping and thinking about what it is I am looking at every time I see one of these shots is disconcerting and off-putting.

Anyone else get that?

"This stopping and thinking about what it is I am looking at every time I see one of these shots is disconcerting and off-putting. Anyone else get that?"

Well, I can't speak for Eric and I don't know how he works, but I'm guessing you're *not* "seeing these shots." You're seeing little JPEG reproductions of some other kind of original.


He is one very talented artist. I am glad that I saw his work.

I like the "stopping and thinking" part.

Wonderful commercial photography. For me he's in this subtly uncomfortable zone that is 100% successful as commercial work, but the attempts to move in the art world feels tainted by the current commercial style. Harsh words, I know, but that's the danger of developing such a strong commercial style and then bringing that style into an art world context without a clear reason why.



"IMO these are mostly not portraits -- they are snapshots"

Definitely portraits... and definitely not snapshots....


The photograph mimicing as a portrait? Whistler's Mother,
in a different mindset or time?

Looked at the image, over a number of times, resembles a painting yet,
it is not.

And more disturbing for me personally, the subject could well be any of my contempary friends, for we all have a similar; if I may say dishelved, look to ourselves.

Sad but true.

This series is real class!

100 portraits: They're certainly not snapshots. So many different photographers but there's almost a common style or feeling going on ... the subjects are disengaged from the viewer.

Eric Ogden: I haven't seen this type of cinematic portrait (for want of a better description) before. Love the colour, lighting, composition. I imagine it's large format to get that look? In regards to Jim Simmons comment, Ogden's celebrity images are commissioned work and perhaps not intended to be regarded as "art"?

I love his portraits. They are moving, environmental portraits of amazing quality. I put his site in my favorites list to review from time to time. Stunning lighting and color - and excellent composition. My favorite part of photography is the great variety of style available and I love the Random Excellence selections. Keep connecting and sharing.

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