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Monday, 08 November 2010


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Thanks for stating the exact rules there, Mike. I'm a little disappointed that some of my wishlist purchases didn't help you out. Perhaps I should go back to using bookmarks instead.

Amazon benefits a great deal from things held in the cart, and from wishlists: you couldn't ask for better metrics on consumer intent short of purchases. I wonder why they would create an incentive for users to hide data from them? (Probably because this is a rare use-case.0


Mike, I try to always use your link, but sometimes it gets a little complicated. I hope you got credit for the Canon 60D I just bought from B&H, but I'm not sure....
Wonder if I acted too hastily, and should have waited for the Pentax K-5 report?

Stupid ol' Amazon refuses to ship camera gear to New Zealand though, even though B&H and Adorama and others do so quite successfully.

I use them every time! Promise. Got my Epson 4880 from B&H that way this September! Have a beer on me!


Thanks to TOP I am now in the market for a K-5. There is a link on the DxO post that links to the Pentax site. Do you get the same credit from Pentax or should I go to amazon and/or B&H? They have a slightly better price.

Thanks, Jim Weekes

No, I don't get anything from Pentax site sales, but Pentax is a direct advertiser (as you can see if you visit the actual TOP site web page) so I felt like I should link to them too. Any support of Pentax helps TOP too, but indirectly....


This weekend I ordered a Pentax K5 through your site as all my purchases do go through Amazon or B&H via your links. After all, the assurances needed to make that purchase were as a result of your efforts in bringing such awareness of this camera. That has been the case with all my other purchases, as in the case of Pentax, Canon and Panasonic bodies and lenses. Thanks too for the entertaining style in which you convincingly make the case.

Perfect example...your purchase of a D60 resulted in a $38.37 contribution to TOP! For which, many thanks.

And if you consider that it's reasonable to pay for TOP about what you would pay for a magazine subscription (because that's more or less what it is), then you've paid for the equivalent of a two-year subscription. All without paying anything extra for your camera. Like I say, a "win" all around.


P.S. I find the D60 very tempting too.

Looks like your K-5 purchase included a $48 contribution to TOP. That's very big for me, so, big thanks back at you. We actually sell relatively few cameras through the links...a day with a camera sale is always a good day. Most purchases are more like, say, $17 filter for which I will get $1.15. but when enough people do that, it adds up.


And I thought it was a 'bite of the cherry' pun coming up... Hope you shortly see the benefit of my splurge on posh French saucepans and distress purchase of a new UPS last month

When I'm ready to buy the K5 as well as the x100, I'll be sure to start from this site. It's on my calendar;-)


Is there a way to renew the quarterly voluntary subscription that was handled through PayPal?

You may want to make the reminder part of your signature, so it appears on every post. I just bought from Amazon yesterday, and had no clue that you had ties to it. Banner / side ads are invisible to us internet old-timers... they just don't register on the screen even if they are there.


Any chance of a similar arrangement with KEH? I was buying used gear the other day and thought of you...

Ok so the sequence of actions is:
1) Do research
2) Settle on a product
3) Get approval from my wife
4) Come here and and click on the Amazon/B&H link
5) Purchase product

Hey I am all for this, but #3 is a problem!!lol

"Mike, Is there a way to renew the quarterly voluntary subscription that was handled through PayPal?"

I'm working on that. I'll let you know.



Thanks for the reminder. It's an easy thing to do and equally easy to forget.

Hmmm... I *do* have an account at amazon US, and bought a Kindle there for my wife. Other than that, I'd love to buy at amazon DE, and still support your site - because most items from amazon US can't be sold to me (tax and import laws I guess)

I'm jealous sometimes when I see than an Olympus lens which costs 500€ here would be 350€ bought at B&H, but all the legal and shipping adds up to 500 again. Maybe one day I'll fly over and invest the difference in an airplane ticket ;-)


Could you be affiliated to amazon.fr?
I sometimes buys books on amazon.co.uk, but hey, I am french and I mostly buy stuff on the french website.

In Ireland we have to exceed a set limit to get free postage so I tend to put books in the wish list or cart and then place an order for the lot when I'v built up sufficient. So in future I'll just have to take them out of the basket and off the wish list before I order them. Right ?


Paul Mc Cann

Abject apologies, Oh Great White Master...

Oops... sorry Mike. I bought some books from the Big A last week, forgot all about your links and deals. They were photo books recommended by you, too.

All I can do is beg your forgiveness and promise to do better next week, when I get a few more (shame about the shipping to the Antipodes, but ahh well, that's the price for living in Paradise).

For myself, I have no problem at all with being reminded about your Amazon and B&H ties - I read the site, I like the site, I don't object to supporting the site (and if I could find a way to talk to an actual real life person at PayPal, I'd even send you a subscription, but seeing at it seems to be run by a telephone answering service, I can't sort out the mess they have made of it. Meh, it's why I love cash).

As someone who has a book on Amazon, and I'm sure John Camp would agree, Amazon has a lot of headroom to pay for referrals as they pay less than the publisher.

As I explained on the links page, I applied repeatedly to Amazon France but was turned down. I really don't understand it either....

Sorry for the inconvenience.


That cherry looks like an apple photoshopped onto a cherry stem to me :)

"I applied repeatedly to Amazon France but was turned down."

Is this a language issue? E.g. do they ask you to provide some additional information in French?

Or simply some obscure administrative regulation from amazon.fr?

If it's a language thing, I'm sure some of your french-speaking readers could help. I for one would be happy to help communicate with these guys if you think that may help...

No, with some work I was able to successfully get an affiliation to Amazon Japan, although the language issue did put an end to it. I really don't know why I was turned down. That was several years ago, however--I should probably try again. I'll put it on the zillion-item "to-do" list. :-)


This is actually very helpful! I want sites like TOP to get the referral fee, and it's useful to know what I have to do to make sure that happens.

Just bought a monitor at B&H, I hope the link worked.


You need to ask it like Harvey Keitel did in "Pulp Fiction."

I hate to admit this, but I never saw "Pulp Fiction."

Mike the Videophobe

Lovely cherry :).
Thanks for the reminder - I've bookmarked your Amazonlink page now. Actually it's quite practical to have the US, UK and DE links together, because I always visit them all to work out the best deal, what with currency conversion and shipping costs.
Bought some books today, but they had nothing at all to do with photography (one of them is supposed to have some very good food photo's, though). Hope that still generates the referral fee.

I'm hoping it works the other way: I can put items on my wish list, then come back to TOP, put the item in my basket and complete the purchase - right?

Let me rephrase that:

I assume it works the other way, right? I can put items on my wish list, come back to TOP, click through to Amazon or B & H, move the item from my wish list to the basket, complete the purchase and you get the credit?

It's not actually easy for me to get the real story. I've had to struggle to figure out what works and what doesn't by tracking sales people tell me about, trying to contact Amazon, etc. I *think* you're right that everything you PUT IN YOUR CART during a shopping trip that originated at TOP will result in a credit to me (as long as you actually purchase it during the same visit to Amazon). But I'm just not absolutely sure of the arcana of how exactly every permutation works.

I do know that if you already have items 1-3 in your cart and you go to Amazon from TOP and then add item 4 to your cart and purchase all four items, I will get credit for item 4 but not items 1-3.

I guess the thinking is that I did not refer those sales--those were things you already intended to buy from Amazon.

The part that seems not quite fair to me is that if you go to Amazon from TOP and put an item in your cart, then leave Amazon, then come back to Amazon AGAIN from TOP, and buy the item, I still don't get credit for it--even though you put it in your cart during a shopping trip that originated from TOP. That much, I've been told by Amazon. In that case, I arguably DID refer the sale, but still am not credited with it.

Clear as mud, eh?


Now I'm confused. If Clay goes through your links and buys stuff that's already in his wishlist, does TOP get credit or not?

Excellent timing for a reminder, coming so soon after the K5 launch.
That, the improvement in sensor, the 'butter shutter' and the current rebate in the UK, got me pushing the button.

Now all I have to do is work out how to pay for it.


Good to know how the system works. Clicking through your link, I just ordered a Canon 60D for my son, who is an aspiring photography and videography fiend. This will be his Christmas, birthday, high school graduation (I hope) present and inheritance.

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