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Sunday, 21 November 2010


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Done !! Purchased one of the Marsh Arab photos. Wonderful of Silva's friends to sponsor this. Thanks.

Done too - thanks Mike for making me aware of this difficult situation. May Mr. Silva recover well and get back to shooting. I remember some of these images from reading the Times.

If only I could afford one of his prints... what a tragedy for such a talented individual, my thoughts will be with him even though my bank account cannot at this time.

I'm glad you posted that link. Were I in better financial shape, I'd click through and buy something. I encourage everyone who has spare cash to buy whatever they can afford.

Done. Also purchased one of the marsh Arab photos. I'd seen them before in the Times. There is something in them that reminds me of the pictures of Nuri Bilge Ceylan that TOP highlighted some time ago. Anyway, best wishes to Mr. Silva.

Done. Another one for the Arab Marsh. I don't believe my wife would allow me to hang anything more military.
Thanks Mike for the link and all the best to Mr. Silva. I hope he manages to reinvent himself.

I'm extremely saddened by the news. I met him in Bosnia and worked with him over the phone when I would fill in on the NYT Foreign Photo desk. He was always easy to work with and usually way ahead of the story by the time I called. A real pro. I wish him and his family my very best in this tough time. They will be in my thoughts daily.

As I have both much to be thankful for AND the available funds to participate, I've ordered another Marsh Arab print. All the best, and a speedy recovery to Joao and family!

I have followed the plight of the Marsh Arabs, and of the Mesopatamian Marshes themelves, since the early '80s. I have also been following, with great interest, the current efforts to restore the marshes and to make them a national park and even an ecotourism destination. To me, Joao's photo symbolizes the renewal and rebirth of the marshes, the Marsh Arabs, and even of Iraq itself. Looking at that image gives me hope.


tough injuries, some take more risks in life than others, but just another reminder what people do to each other, he just became one more number on the "collateral damage" statistic.

Hope he recovers to take a lot more photos, as I am sure that his vision will remain, but also for his spirit to survive too, to come back as strong after this ordeal.

This is a tough blow for the guy. The physical injuries are bad enough but the mental injuries that will follow could be even harder to bear. Its very difficult for someone in such an active job to begin again by sitting at a desk.
Maybe he will get work as a picture editor.

I disagree Rae; who say's losing legs destined a person to live behind a desk?

I think he's strong and courageous and he'll be taking photographs again as soon as he recovers...he's too talented and strong not to...

Yes, he suffered........and survived a great tragedy....

He will overcome and conquer any challenge he faces....

I look forward to seeing his future work and I would love to see him take pictures at Walter Reed to capture our soldiers and their families recovering there in a way only he can capture a moment...

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