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Friday, 12 November 2010


Good for you, Gordon. Well done!

Great to see the Umbrella Lady photo doing so well. It's kind of hard to believe anyone would want to look at that image anymore considering that it came from the lowly K-7 with its pathetically under-permorming sensor.
With all the excitement surrounding the K-5's superior DxO scores and mudslinging directed at the clearly awful K-7, I am surprised all images made from the K-7 haven't been quietly deleted to avoid the awful shame that would be exposed in the EXIF data.
(Need I say I am being sarcastic?)

Way to go Gordon! I will cherish my print all the more.


I too purchased a print of Gordon's image and Gordon was one of first group of photographers I contacted for the book. Rather than promote the book, let me just say that all 52 photographers donated their work, both their images and their writing, not to say time, to the project - they didn't get a penny for their efforts and I'll never be able to thank them enough. I had hoped for 40 photographers but the response from the vast majority of those I contacted was so enthusiastic that it grew. That we ended up with 52 is due in part to uncertainties as people joined and the rare person dropped out for one good reason or another, and in no small part to the fact that apparently I can't count. I don't suppose though that anyone is going to object to two extra great photographs in the book. Even the careful use of a spreadsheet to keep track of everything failed to help me keep on top of what amounted to a gigantic undertaking.

Why Photographs Work was printed in Germany, so it seems reasonable that it would be available sooner there.

I can't wait to see the book, too.

Just checked out George's book on Amazon. Looks like another winner! Love Phil Borges work and his included portrait is stunning.

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