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Sunday, 21 November 2010


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This is just an attempt to mention Pentax on the sly, isn't it? ;-)

Is this a monthly magazine? Quarterly? I can't tell by looking at the website.

Sorry, I now see that it says "Monthly" in the upper corner of the cover of the magazine photo on the website.

There seems to have been a bevy of new photography magazines released over the last year or so. Lots of them rehash How To Blur the Sea type articles but some of them seem genuinely to be trying to take things in a new direction. I'd single out Professional Photographer magazine in this regard - http://www.professionalphotographer.co.uk/ - recently they had an article about loneliness and depression amongst photographers (astonishing for a photo mag, IME) and a perhaps less cogent but nonetheless interesting article or two about photography and sexism. Far from print dying, in the photography world it seems to be going through something of a resurgence, though of course how long these publications last is going to be the key test.

$104/three issues, sight unseen, is a bit of a leap of faith for me. I'm still smarting from the apparent demise of "Photo Icon", a magazine that I really enjoyed before it went "photographers of a specific region/issue" and then DOA. Hopefully, they will find a US distributor or a have a downloadable sampler for those of us not in their backyard.

"$104/three issues, sight unseen, is a bit of a leap of faith"

Yes, magazines don't cross international boundaries very well, because of distribution arrangements and costs. It's often far more expensive to subscribe from a foreign country.

This is virtually the opposite of the web, which encourages boundary-less audiences. I've actually been pondering how to create a local blog, and I can't really figure out how to do it (considering the local newspaper and TV websites don't even draw very impressive audience numbers).


A first look at it on Sat and it looked better than the run of the mill UK camera magazines.

Also worth checking out http://www.landscapegb.com/ as an online magazine with lots or rich content (I have no affiliation with it at all - it just impressed me enough to get me to subscribe!).


Mike, probably even more expensive is buying foreign magazines in local bookstores. Frex, there's this English-language bookstore here in Zagreb that sells all kinds of magazines. The cover price of a mag is something like five pounds. And they sell it for more than twice that amount.

As to the "local" blog, cover the local issues well (and look at everything through the local eyes so you don't dilute the search engine results), and force other sites in the vicinity to refer to your blog as the source. Basically, if somebody then searches for "Waukesha", they will probably find the not-yet-existing blog of yours first.

As many things, it's easier said then done. :)

I note that the Editor will be Will Cheung. I remember following Practical Photography whilst he was the Editor there and remember his articles (especially on photo critique and B&W photography). I'll be on the lookout for it.

Word to the wise.



I still have my issues of Camera and Darkroom where I first became aware of your writing. It's not a complete collection but I have all the issues from when I discovered it until Larry Flynt shut it down. That is still my favorite photography magazine.


I'll certainly keep an eye out for it, but I have to admit that the suggestion on the 'What's in the magazine page' of an article about software driven fake bokeh effects isn't a good sign... has anyone ever seen a Photoshop bokeh effect that's doesn't look cheap, nasty and, well, fake? Sometimes there's no substitute for good camera technique!

Those were fun days weren't they Tom? A good point in the history of photography. A lot has changed since then.


Mike, having done some news coverage myself, I'm past rapping knuckles of PR people and more into smacking their heads.

Chris, Alien Skin's Bokeh can give quite good results. Of course, it's easy to overdo it. :)

The thing that drives me craziest is when I get a long release and can read three paragraphs into it and not have the slightest idea what it's about. I mean not even be oriented. I shouldn't have to read three grafs total, much less that much opaque corporate boilerplate mumbo-jumbo because it's what came from the client meetings up the food chain. Truly counterproductive for all concerned. Short and sweet, y'all, and give me the context, give me the context.

The other day I replied to one flak that I wasn't interested, and he called me at home. Since when does "I'm sorry, I don't have time" mean "feel free to call and interrupt me when I'm working"? Expletive DELETED.


Looking at the pre release info I don't hold out too much hope for advanced photographer but as I'm getting the first three issues for £3 it got to be worth giving it a chance.

"I note that the Editor will be Will Cheung."

To me, this is not a good sign. He totally ruined Photography Monthly, imo, during his tenure there (although the new editor seems to be doing a good job of bringing it back from the brink...) The 'What's inside the magazine' page on the website doesn't bode well with it's emphasis on equipment and Photoshop skills. This hardly seems like something fresh and new.

Chris and Barry,
"Give it a chance" is the operative phrase. A magazine launch is a harrowing thing, and it definitely takes a handful of issues at the very least for it to get its true footing. Have some patience while they get things sorted. Take my word for it, it doesn't all hum at once.


Just seeing Will Cheung's name as the editor is enough to put me off. He has been associated with several UK photo magazines in the last decade, and while his own images are certainly technically well-executed, I always felt that he was trying to put his hand in my pocket and relieve me of money for old rope. Everyone does that, of course - it's business. But somehow, with Will Cheung's enterprises, it's always glaringly obvious, and very off-putting.

Not for me.

This is third of three new "foreign" magazines that have been started recently. One is an English version of what looks like a German magazine. The second is called Digital SLR Enthusiast or something like that, pretty much for beginners. Both at B&N.

Advanced Photographer is obviously the third, and is edited by Will Cheung. When I heard that about the magazine a month or two ago, I emailed him asking if it was going to be available in the US and he didn't know.

He's bounced around a lot lately, at least two or three magazines in the last four or five years.

If it is going to be available at B&N here, expect to pay $10 - $15 for it, which seems to be the going rate for UK photo magazines. One of the ones I follow, Digital SLR User is available as an electronic subscription (pdf) for about 20% of the paper copy price.

I would welcome a look at this new one and will be on the alert.

Mike you don't want to read it - same thing for the latest issue of BJP. Both have got reviews of the 645D so are best left firmly on the shelf in the shop where they belong!

There is another advanced photography magazine in the UK. Maybe not so many people know about it because it is subscription only and therefore not available on the newsstands. It's called EOS magazine and because it specialises in Canon dSLRs the content is thorough and in-depth. It's not about photoshop techniques – it's about getting the best out of your EOS camera. You can subscribe to either the print or the digital edition – the content is identical but the digital edition is cheaper if you live overseas.

How do I know? Because I'm the Technical Editor of the magazine. I really recommend that Canon users take a look, you won't be disappointed.

Referring to Geoff Wittig's post, does anyone know how to get hold of the aforementioned issue of View Camera in the UK? I doubt it will available in the usual bookshops. I have emailed the UK distributor but he is only willing to sell the whole year's subscription.


Any blog that is oriented locally will self restict, so to speak, though, since the interwebs is free (hah, hah, hah), why does it matter?

See here: http://www.mchron.net/ee/radio/archives/

It's great Geoff recommended that issue of View Camera -- I grabbed the last two at our local B&N -- one for me and one for a view-camera friend. Geoff is right -- the reproduction is superb.

While on the subject of new publications, how about c/t digital photography. Major gripes of mine regarding photo publications include: loads of advertisements, thinly disguised camera brand promos, celeb photographer worship...this one eschews all that, instead providing huge articles (20 pages plus) on a selection of topics close to most of our hearts, with almost no ads. Issue 1 featured the use of alt lenses, for example, along with a DVD of 105 images shot for the article. Highly recommended. Link: http://www.ct-digiphoto.com/

So how many people actually read the old magazines after a few years? I friend last year gave me the first 6 issues of Outdoor Photographer. Kind of fun seeing George Lepp in the first issue as a lot younger man. Wisely, he did update the picture of himself as he got older.

I started buying Color magazine on the second issue but never got around to buying the first issue. I really did not like the cover on it.


"$104/three issues, sight unseen, is a bit of a leap of faith for me"

Well, the website is certainly not very helpful, but, it is apparently a monthly publication, so it would appear that the subscription fee for the US is $104 for 12 issues, not 3 issues. The 3 issues for 3 pounds promotion appears restricted to the UK. Still pretty steep. Maybe B and N or Borders will carry it.

Just what the UK needs, another photography magazine. We have one title each already.

Now, Jim, don't get cynical. [g]


Well, since the website offers pretty much no information on the magazine itself, I must admit that whenever I hear a title like 'Advanced Photographer', I shake my head... (love to hear the rattling noise). Has anyone ever seen an ad that says 'Rolls Royce, luxury car?' No, because it's not necessary. Everyone knows of the reputation and quality that goes into it. I can't say if the magazine will or will not live up to its title, but I do wonder about to whom they think they're marketing.

Just a thought...


This is but more of the same pap which fills the racks at UK newsagents. Add the name 'Cheung' to the three stated objectives;

Have a keen interest in all genres of photography?

Look to further your knowledge of techniques?

Want the lowdown on all the latest photography gear?

....and this becomes one to definately avoid, thanks.

"Those were fun days weren't they Tom?"

Well it beats being an editor trying to convince the publisher that a photography magazine should have photos in it.

Many thanks for this info!

Bought it earlier on spec and after a brief look it really does look like a promising UK photography mag for once.

Most UK mags are a pile of steaming ... well you know... but this seems so far that it may buck the trend thankfully, just a little piece on 8 bit or 16 bit alone is the kind of thing you do not see discussed in magazines, it's ALWAYS RAW v JPEG. I look forward to having a proper read tonight when I have the time to balance it with a glass of malt whisky.

Source photographic review


Portfolio Catalogue


and the good old British Journal of Photography

All magazines worth reading in the UK

And maybe AG magazine

If you desperately need discussions on printing techniques.

@Bron I agree theoretically on the local nature of blog. But surprisingly for your link http://www.mchron.net/ee/radio/archives/ the one pop up is about a Hong Kong shopping mall and it could be the one I visited any time any day! I live in Hong Kong and lived next to that particular mall for 5 years! How local can it be!

Anyone for first issues? I have one copy of issue number one, Australian Playboy (1976, I think) and two copies of issue number one of Australian Penthouse (1979, I think, I can't be bothered getting up to find them). Any bids? Pristine condition, no stains!

Thanksgiving Day ~ Thank You for Online Photographer!

Sadly the magazine "Portfolio Catalogue" mentioned above has just published it's 52nd and last issue. Limited numbers of back issues are still available and well worth checking out.

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