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Monday, 25 October 2010


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Wow! Imagine the beat down Mr. Newman would get today for that typology...

Loved this exhibition. Large range & depth. I learned some new names and have them on my list to further explore. Unfortunately the Madison WI library doesn't have a very deep or, more especially, wide photography collection. Still waffling on the catalog but it'll be on my wishlist.

I'm delighted that you highlighted this show, Mike. I regret not having gotten up to see it. I know that you and I were thinking of going together but the opportunity evaporated.

I understand it was an interesting, unique presentation nicely curated by Lisa Hostetler. Damn.

I ordered the catalog tonight. Thank you for the reminder.

haven't seen the show, but I am impressed that Robert Downey, Jr. doesn't appear to have aged a bit since Croner took his photo in 1947.

This exhibit was the photographic highlight of 2010 at the MAM and Milwaukee in general. Lisa has enlightened and inspired us once again.

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