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Saturday, 30 October 2010


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First you have the stochastic photography, then the zen pebble tossing, then Brian Eno , then this "randomness". At first glance it seems like a improbably long run of pieces about chance, but then again randomness tends to be bursty.

Oh well to quote J.C. "I have nothing to say and I'm saying it."

Keef actually looks pretty good. You're sure the caption shouldn't read 1872 ...?

Hi Mike,

I just got the Mark Twain book, but haven't cracked the spine. It does seem sorta daunting, but the back story is amazing. Your thoughts would be appreciated. After all, they did take a lot of pictures of the man.



Just as a matter of interest were the passengers reading hard copies or downloads on their ipads/kindles? We are still reading a lot of books here in the antipodes!

I doubt I could make it through the first chapter.Just sayin'

One of the headlines on the BBC news site read "How Is Keith Richards Still Alive?"


Perhaps he should donate his body to medical science?

"Just as a matter of interest were the passengers reading hard copies or downloads on their ipads/kindles?"

I noticed only hardcover books.

FWIW, I was reading Craig Childs' House of Rain, a fascinating account of the Native American Anasazi culture. I think it's the only time I had wished that a flight was longer, so I could keep reading without interruption.

Must be the season for muso's ramblings; I've not long ago finished Brian Johnson's (of AC/DC) amusing little memoir, called Rockers and Rollers, which focuses mostly on the cars he's owned and the adventures that went along with them. If you like a good giggle and/or cars and/or AccaDacca, get it and enjoy.

My favourite part is where he's pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol in his newest car and gets a ticket because the copper "can't afford one of these, and I hate any bas***d who can."

OK, so it ain't Milton, but it is a funny, blokey read.

I bet it´s pretty enjoyable read but I just can´t bring myself to buying Keith´s autobiography probably because I´m not much of a Stones fan. Although I will always choose listening to the Stones before the Beatles every single time, I´m more into Hendrix, Doors and Led Zep. Also I´m going to choose carefully my next book this month having just endured "I know why the caged bird sings", its very rare I don´t finish a book but I just found it so damn boring I just had to put it down so I´m looking for a novel which is a safe bet. Probably having just finished for the fifth time "To kill a Mockingbird" and "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" didn´t help much either.

The photo's pretty poignant, really. I know it's hard to feel sorry for a band that's worth more than most smaller countries, but I wonder what would have been going through Keef's head as he posed (besides fumes, of course), if he'd known then that the band had just one more great album in them (Goat's Head Soup, 1973), after which they'd settle down to churning out the same old stuff, gig after gig, tour after tour, for ever and ever, amen.

Still, you have to admire the chap's staying power - walking proof that it's more sensible to smoke squirrel rather than deep fry it.

Don't get it. Need to give this photo an award I think!

I don't have much interest in reading the autobiographies of Keith Richards and Mark Twain, but I am reading the memoir of Kristin Hersh, Rat Girl, right now. Thanks to Mike for turning me on to Throwing Muses!

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