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Saturday, 09 October 2010


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Argh! Andrew, I was waiting for the into-the-sunset ending! You can't just wrap up such an absorbing tale in one quick paragraph, mate... :-(

I'll wait patiently for Part 2 of Andrew Arthur's Adventures in Photography.

Sorry to hear about the demise of your field of expertise Andrew. However, Cornwall (and Devon) are spectacularly beautiful areas of the U.K. and are full of tourists particularly in Summer; may be other opportunities may have arisen? We have been to that area for our holidays for the last few years and love it; photos abound (got loads on Flickr!, have a gander if you have time) and are off there in a couple of weeks.

Very cool to have even got to the stage of having a press pass at The B&H! Great to read about my other passion on TOP.

Andrew from Addis

I'm glad you liked the story, I had a lot of fun doing it. The cameras were an Olympus OM1 and OM2 with mostly a Vivitar 100-300 f5. That's about the longest lens you can viably hand hold in general conditions.

Yes, I am afraid the end was very abrupt (but also I was running over my word count!)the fact is that between Sept 1987 and April 1988 my market just dried up. That's no weddings, down from 35 a year to zero. Not even a passport picture.

There is not much golf in the winter here, certainly no major tournaments and I went about 3 months without making a sale of any kind whatever.
No press commissions at all because they were all told to fulfil their needs from staffers and not freelances. Basically every editor's freelance budget was cancelled. Some magazines closed altogether.
It was very sudden, I was getting all these Dear John letters from people I had supplied for years.

Interesting sign in the photo of the shop: "Lower Lux"

I remember fondly,in my younger day when I was covering an international match for New Straits Times in KL; a player cursed and threw his golf stick at me because "I was too close"! And I was shooting with a 300mm! :)

That's the name of the street in Liskeard, Cornwall; Lower Lux Street. Across Pound Street is Higher Lux Street and round the corner from that is Dark Lane!

- That's not noise! It's grain and… oh you mean the clicking sound? Ok I'll step back (should have bought that Leica thing).

Only shot golf once, at Pebble Beach. Since I didn't know the etiquette, I caused John Denver to blow a shot--fired just as he swung. Heard about it big time from his caddy. Decided I'd leave golf shooting to experts.

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